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Excimer Laser Lambda Physic COMPexPro 102 (F-version)
  • Max pulse energy (200mJ at 193nm, 400mJ at 248nm and 150mJ at 351nm)
  • Max repetition rate : 20Hz for all wavelengths
  • Pulse duration : 20-25 ns FWHM for all wavelengths

Tunable high power laser system

Argon ion laser system

  • CW single / all line argon laser 488nm to 514.5nm with maximum power of 18 Watts

Tunable dye laser system

  • CW dye laser covers 370-1040nm range of wavelength
Titanium: sapphire laser system
  • Tunable Ti: Sapphire laser covers 690-1100nm range of wavelength with maximum power of 4 watts

Tunable laser system

  • 1500nm to 1580nm with resolution of 0.001nm


Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
  • C band Booster high power amplifier up to ~ 24 dBm
  • Ranging from 1528 to 1563nm


Near field optical scanning microscope (Two probe) (Nanonics Multiview 4000)
  • Dual probes : allows light launching and collection
  • liquid cell modulus


Photoluminescence system (Horiba JY FL3)
  • CW 450W Xenon source and UV Xenon flash tube
  • 4 detectors cover the measurement range from 200nm to 5500nm
  • Steady state and lifetime measurement available
  • Other light source available : Argon laser or NanoLED 350nm


Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Spectral measurement over 600 to 1700 nm wavelength
  • Dynamic range of 60 dBm and resolution of 0.1 mm
  • RS 232 / HP-IB Interface for computer control and data transfer
  • Fiber grating and DWDM measurement

Prism Coupler
  • Measure refractive index of 2.45 or below
  • Index accuracy: +/- 0.001, Resolution: +/- 0.0005
  • Thickness accuracy: +/- (0.5% + 500nm) Resolution: +/- 0.3%
  • Operation wavelength: 405nm,632.8nm and 1550nm

Laser beam analyzer and CCD camera system
  • Continuously and quantitatively measure a variety of optical beam parameter
  • Beam intensity profile displays in 2D, 3D and cross-section configurations
  • Gaussian fit, divergence and numerical analysis


Focused ion beam/Secondary electron beam system (FEI Quanta 3D FEG)
  • Dual beam mode : E-beam and Ion-gun
  • 50mm travel along x and y axes.
  • sample tilting available
  • 4 GISs : Pt, Au and Insulator deposition as well as Insulator enhanced etch
  • TEM sample preparation
  • AutoFIB software for simple structure patterning


Polarization maintaining optical fiber fusion splicer
  • For SM,MM,PM,DSM fiber
  • Splicer loss (Ave) : 0.03dB(PM & SM), 0.02dB(MM)
  • Cross talk: -35dB, Angle mismatch 1.2 degree


A range furance & temperature

  • 1200 degree tube furance (Single zone Vertical / Horizontal)
  • 1200 degree tube furance (Three zone Vertical / Horizontal)
  • 1600 degree Front open
  • 1700 degree Bottom loading
  • 1800 degree Bottom loading
  • 1200 Top loading


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