Call for Papers

Important Dates
Deadline of Paper Submission: 19 January,2017
Notification of Acceptance: 15 February,2017
Millimeter-Wave Antennas and Passive Devices
Antennas and propagation
Waveguides (DRWs, SIWs etc.), components and their integration
Filters and transmission lines
Phased array antennas
Substrates and packaging (LTCC, LCP etc.)
Millimeter-Wave and THz Communications
Wireless LANs and PANs
5G wireless communications
Wireless access systems
Satellite communications
Energy transfer
Millimeter-Wave and THz Sensing
Instruments for radio astronomy
Radar and remote sensing
Earth observation, ESA MetOp SG
Millimeter-wave and THz imaging
Millimeter-wave and THz systems and sub-systems
Emerging Technologies
Millimeter-wave and THz biomedical applications
Millimeter-wave and THz nano-electronic devices
New materials (graphene, CNT, nanowires etc.)
Nanostructured devices, circuits and antennas
Millimeter-Wave Active Devices and ICs
Devices, MMICs, PAs, LNAs, mixers, multipliers, VCOs, detectors
Technologies, HEMT, CMOS, HBT, GaN, BiCMOS (SiGe), Schottky, HBV
On-wafer and advanced measurements
Sub-millimeter-wave and THz Technologies
Sub-millimeter-wave and THz devices and systems
Photonic devices and systems
Integration technologies
Other Related Topics