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Professional Internship (EE4081)

1. Application Timelines

Email announcementWeek 6, Sem B

Information Day held on 31 March 2021 (Second Round)
Link for Recording:-

Information Day held on 5 March 2021 (Main Round)
Link for Recording:-

Query and Answer:
5 and 31 March 2021
Job Specifications:

- Jobs offered for main round application
- Jobs offered from 20 March for 2nd round application
Link for application:
- Main round application

- 2nd round application

Main round application:
Deadline extended to 30 March 2021

2nd round application: 12 – 28 April 2021
Department screening24 – 26 March 2021
Internal interview April 2021
Company interview, and offer confirmation April - May 2021
Signing acceptance of offer June 2021
Internship commencement June 2021 (for 12 months internship)
September 2021 (less than 12 months internship)

  Remark: The above timelines are subject to change whenever necessary. Please always look up any updates from this web page.
2. Supervision of Project Work:
  2.1 Company mentor and CityU Supervisor are assigned to each student
  2.2 Student needs to complete the log-book
  2.3 Student needs to report to CityU supervisor at least once a month.
  2.4 Student needs to complete the monthly report of the attached Log book for his/her mentor and CityU supervisor to assess their performance and progress every month. You may send it to your CityU supervisor by email.

3. Assessment guidelines:
At the end of training, students should submit two reports (as stipulated on Point 4 of EE4081 syllabus), and deliver a presentation to his/her mentor and superviso.r
  3.1 Submission of signed logbook*
  3.2 Submission of a placement report for actual technical project work in the training Company (at least 20 pages)
  3.3 Submission of a report of role of engineer in professional society (at least 15 pages) **
  3.4 Final Presentation highlighting your learning during your training period (supplement information to items 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3)

The assessment is purely on a pass/fail basis.
* To pass the course, the comments by the company mentor on the logbook must be at the satisfactory level or above.
** Students who has passed “Engineer in Society” do not need to submit “item 3.3”.

4. Assessment Components:

Placement report for actual technical project work (40%)
Training logbook (20%)
Report on the role of engineer in professional society (40%)

5. List of Companies:

  • Aerovision Technology Limited
  • Alphotonics Limited
  • Animae Technologies Limited
  • Appcider Limited
  • Ark Space Limited
  • AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited
  • Big Dipper Studio Limited
  • Brandnographer Co. Ltd.
  • Cherrypicks
  • Classroom Stem Education
  • Compass Technology Co. Ltd
  • Conard International (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Forida Limited
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • iAsia Online Systems Limited
  • Innopage Limited
  • Integrated Solutions Limited
  • Kagile Solutions Limited
  • Karta-X Technologies Limited
  • Lexiwave Technology Limited
  • m-Chinese Solution Limited
  • m-Labs Limited
  • Mindlayer Limited
  • Nexstgo Company Limited
  • OliveX (HK) Ltd
  • Oursky Limited
  • Quokka Hong Kong Limited
  • Prister Corporation Limited
  • RPA (HK) Ltd.
  • Sengital Limited
  • SenseTime
  • Simply Solution HK Limited
  • Smart Mobility Limited
  • Solos Technology Limited
  • Sportopia Limited
  • Suga International Holdings Limited
  • Tecky Academy
  • UCode
  • Weavatools Limited
  • Web Fusion Technology Limited

6. Documents: