Antenna Design

Differential feed dual polarized aperture antenna for RX and TX antennas was designed on the LTCC board. The designed antenna must be compact in size and without sacrificing the gain and bandwidth. The fabricated prototype of the dual polarized antenna is shown below. The entire antenna structure is symmetrical about the two orthogonal planes and the overall size of the antenna is 7.9mm×7.9mm×0.75mm (1.8λo×1.58λo×0.15λo).

key performances of the dual polarized antenna:

  • -10-dB bandwidth from about 55 to 66GHz
  • Isolation between two differential ports is better than 25dB
  • Peak gain >10dBi for both polarizations
  • Similar radiation pattern on both planes

(a) (b)

Fig. 3. 60GHz differential feed dual polarized antenna. (a) Simulation geometry. (b) fabricated in LTCC substrate.