Centre for Complexity and Complex Networks

College of Engineering
Centre for Complexity and Complex Networks

Our Mission

The world is nonlinear, connected and highly interactive!

The Centre for Complexity and Complex Networks aims to conduct emerging and cutting-edge research in the multidisciplinary area of complex systems and networks, including fundamental theory in dynamical networked systems and cyber physical systems, and applications in

  • epidemic progression modelling
  • energy systems and power grids
  • information and communication systems
  • transportation networks
  • resilience of critical infrastructures
  • cryptocurreny and blockchains
  • business and finance

Through the significant and groundbreaking contributions of its members to the fundamental theory of nonlinear science and applications over the past 20 more years, the centre has established itself as one of the leading research centres in the world focusing on nonlinear science, complexity and complex systems.

Our centre promotes inter-institutional and interdisciplinary collaborations, and supports the industrial and business development of Hong Kong and the mainland via technology transfer and joint research projects.