In 2004, a cross-disciplinary satellite workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity in Information and Communication Technology (the 0th workshop) was organized by the Advanced Research Center on Electronic Systems for Information and Communication Technologies at Bologna, Italy. In the following year, the Centre for Chaos and Complex Networks at City University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University organized a workshop of similar scale and scope in Hong Kong, and the 2005 workshop was named International Workshop on Complex Systems and Networks (IWCSN), which was the 1st workshop of the series. In the subsequent years, the workshop continued to be organized, under the same title, by different groups in Vancouver (2nd), Guilin, Canberra, Bristol (5th), Beijing, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Shanghai (10th), Perth, Atlanta, Doha, Nanjing, Berlin (15th), and Chongqing. In 2013, the workshop began to be organized under the auspice of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and included IEEE in its official title for the 2013 edition. It has now become a regular annual meeting for researchers in the emerging area of complex systems and networks to exchange ideas and renew friendship. The workshop was however interrupted by COVD-19, and skipped the 2021 and 2022 editions! In 2023, it is returning to Wuhu, a city in the Anhui province of China and close to the scenic Yellow Mountain national park.

Topics of Interest:

Topics of interest of this workshop include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Analysis of complex networks
  • Coupled networks and cyber-physical networks
  • Networked control systems
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Synchronization phenomena in networks
  • Modeling and analysis of complex systems
  • Complex engineering design, including communication networks, power grids, electronic circuits, nano-material, biomedical systems, software systems, etc.
  • Biological systems, neural networks, disease transmission
  • Other applications in art, finance, social science, climate change, etc. 

Organizer for 2023:

Anhui Polytechnic University, China
Inquiry: Prof. Tingwen Huang


Centre for Chaos and Complex Networks at City University of Hong Kong

Technical Sponsor:

Technical Committee on Nonlinear Circuits and Systems of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society

Topics at the 2004 Bologna Inaugural Workshop:

  1. Bifurcation Analysis in Power Electronics and Applications - Michael Tse
  2. The Frobenius-Perron Operator: Applications to Chaotic Dynamics - Jose Luis Rodriguez Marrero
  3. System Theory and Communication Networks: An Overview on Some Recent Results - Patrick Thiran
  4. Modelling and Characterization of Traffic in Deployed Networks - Ljiljana Trajkovic
  5. Shannon's Challenge and Iterative Coding Systems - Ruediger Urbanke
  6. Nonlinear Dynamics of Iterative Decoding Systems - Ljupco Kocarev
  7. Complex Networks: Small World, Scale Free and Beyond - Guanrong Chen
  8. Synchronization in Networks of Coupled Nonlinear Systems with Delay in Nonreciprocal Time-Varying Coupling - Chai Wah Wu
  9. Multistability, Clustering and Other Interesting Behaviors in Simple Driver-Dissipative Lattices - Manuel Velarde
  10. Mobile Agents in Innovatove System Modelling - Pier Paolo Adriani
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