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FPT'10 Registration Questions

If you have any question on the registration, please email to: fpt2010@mail.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn

Registration Fees

Category Early Bird 1
(by 2 Nov 2010)
Late/On-site 1
(after 2 Nov 2010)
IEEE Member 3,4 US $400 (2700RMB) US $500 (3390 RMB)
Non-IEEE Member 3,4 US $500 (3390 RMB) US $600 (4100 RMB)
Student 3,4 US $300 (2000 RMB) US $400 (2700 RMB)
Exhibitor 3,6 US $800 (5400 RMB) US $900 (6100 RMB)
Additional paper registration 5 US $300 (2000 RMB) US $350 (2370 RMB)
Additional proceedings page 8   US $50 (340 RMB) US $50 (340 RMB)
Additional soft copy proceedings   US $20 (135 RMB) US $30 (200 RMB)
Additional Welcome Dinner ticket   US $30 (200 RMB) US $30 (200 RMB)
Additional Banquet ticket   US $50 (340 RMB) US $50 (340 RMB)
Cancellation 7 US $100 (680 RMB) US $100 (680 RMB)


  1. The fees are in US Dollars or China RMB. Full priced bookings commence at 23:59pm on 2 November, Chiese Beijing Standard Time.
  2. Registration payments can be made online using Visa or Mastercard.
  3. Registrations include attendance at conference events, catering including the Welcome Dinner, Banquet, and one soft copy of the proceedings.
  4. A payment must be received by 2 Oct 2010 for each paper. If applicable, please indicate the paper number you are registering for.
  5. A registrant in any category may register additional papers at a cost of $300 per paper. Please indicate the paper numbers you are registering for.
  6. Exhibitors are only required to register one attendee at the Exhibitor rate. Additional attendees may register using the IEEE or Non-IEEE category of registration.
  7. A $100 cancellation fee will be charged for each paper covered by the registration.
  8. Extra pages CANNOT exceed 2 for the full, posters and special session papers. All other categories such as Demo are not allowed to have extra pages.

Conference Registration and Payment

Please register and complete payment for FPT'10 via our Conference Online Gateway (click here).


  1. During the registration, if you select the payment with USD ($), there will be only one link after the submission: VISA/MASTER. If you select the payment with RMB (¥), there will be two links: VISA/MASTER, and China UnionPay (银联). Here China UnionPay (银联) is only for Chinese Domestic Participants.
  2. Many authtors met the registration problem that the link of VISA/MASTER to the payment system cannot be open. This is because your biography has too many words. Although its limitation is 1000 characters (with spaces), you should cut the character number not exceeding about 700 characters.
  3. Please use the IE browser to your best, because there may be problems for your registration. After the submission of the registration form, please confirm the fee is right on the second page before your payment.
  4. After your registration, you can receive an email. Also, you can open this link, click "Fees", and then print and get the electronical receipt.
  5. After your registration, please ask for an invitation letter to fpt2010@mail.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn, using subject "Require invitation letter for FPT'2010". Please tell us your Passport Number, Name on your passport (First name + Last Name), DOB on passport, Paper Number and Title, mailing address. We will send you a scanned file by email. Please see the details here.


由于FPT国际会议第一次在中国召开,为了吸引中国区FPGA及相关领域的学者参与这次盛会, FPT组委会讨论决定,会议注册费给予一定的优惠。同时满足以下三个条件的注册人员,注册费在已有细则基础上,减免100美元(680元人民币):

  • 1. 注册代表工作所在地区是:中国大陆、香港、澳门、台湾地区、新加坡
  • 2. 注册代表不属于“ Student ”或“ Exhibitor ”, 即“ IEEE Member ”或“ Non-IEEE Member ”都可以
  • 3. 不包括文章注册者