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Year 2013
Us Patent
H. Wong, X. Gao and K. K. So, “A wideband monopolar patch antenna with non-uniform shorting pins for vehicle-to-vehicle communications” US Patent (applied)
C. H. Chan, H. Wong, H. W. Lai, K. K. So, K. M. Luk and Q. Xue, “High gain and wideband complementary antenna” US 2014/0071006 A1 (filed on 13 March 2014).
K. W. Leung and E. H. Lim, “Solar energy collection antennas” US 8,599,081 B2 (issued on 3 December 2013).
K. W. Leung and E. H. Lim, “Light transmissible resonators for circuit and antenna applications” US 8,547,287 B2 (issued on 1 October 2013).
Q. Xue and C. C. Tang, “Phased array, a coherent source array, an antenna array and a system for controlling thereof” US 13/973,443 (filed on 22 August 2013).
Q. Xue and S. C. Chen, “System and method for operating a power amplifier and a load modulation network” US 13/973,409 (filed on 22 Aug 2013).
Q. Xue and L. Chiu, “Transmission line and methods for fabricating thereof” US 13/973,385 (filed on 22 August 2013).
Q. Xue and W. Qin, “Filter and a magnetic coupling mechanism” US 61/856,917 (filed on 22 July 2013).
E. Y. B. Pun, S. T. Chu, J. P. Y. Tsui and P. Zhou, “Waveguides” US 13/934,437 (filed on 3 Jul 2013).
K. W. Leung and Y. M. Pan, “Omnidirectional circularly polarized dielectric antenna” PCT/CN2013/077158 (filed on 13 June 2013).
Q. Xue and S. C. Chen, “Power amplifier” US 13/894,739 (filed on 15 May 2013).
E. K. N. Yung, P. W. Chan and H. Wong, “Unidirectional antenna comprising a dipole and a loop” US8, 410,982 (issued on 2 April 2013).
Q. Xue and J. H. Liu, “Patch antenna” US 13/839,201 (filed on 15 March 2013).
China Patent
黄衡,高霞,黎孝华和薛泉,“一款应用于LTE基站天线的宽频带低剖面的双极化天线单元” 中国专利 (已申请)
黄衡,高霞和苏国勤,“一款应用于车辆间通信且具有不同短路探针结构的宽频微带单极子天线” 中国专利 (已申请)
梁国华和林影福, “太阳能收集天线” 中国专利(专利号:ZL 201110104398.X ,发行日期:2014年1月29日)
薛泉和陈世昌,“一种用于操作功率放大器和负载调制网络的系统和方法” 中国专利(申请编号:201310373820.0,申请日期:2013年8月23日)
薛泉和赵梁,“传输线及用于制造其的方法” 中国专利(申请编号:201310373044.4,申请日期:2013年8月23日)
薛泉和唐诚成,“相控数组, 相干源数组, 天线数组以及用于控制它们的系统” 中国专利(申请编号:201310373879.X,申请日期:2013年8月23日)
陆贵文和刘家良,“用于双极化探针馈电贴片天线的隔离增强技术” 中国专利(专利号:ZL201010186871.9,发行日期:2013年7月3日)
梁国华,林影福和方晓生,“美学介质天线和使用此天线离散地发射辐射方向图的方法” 中国专利(申请编号:201310069517.1,申请日期:2013年3月5日)
Hong Kong Patent
K. W. Leung, E. H. Lim and X. S. Fang, “Aesthetic Dielectric Antenna and Method of Discretely Emitting Radiation Pattern Using Same” 14100791.5 (filed on 24 January 2014).