Prof. PANG, Stella W. (彭慧芝)

Ph.D. Princeton, IEEE, AVS, and ECS Fellow

Head of Department and Chair Professor of Electronic Engineering

Research Activities


Synergistic Activities

  • Research interests include Nanofabrication Technology, Nanoimprint, Biomedical, Microelectronic,
         Optical, and Microelectromechanical Devices & Microsystems
  • Develop novel 3D nanofabrication technology for high performance electrical, optical, sensing, and
         biomedical devices
  • Design and generate 3D platforms to control cell migration
  • Implement high sensitivity plasmonic biosensors
  • Develop microfluidic system with nanochannels for cell and DNA analysis
  • Develop high aspect ratio micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) technology with merged
         circuits for high frequency resonators and high sensitivity micro gas chromatography
  • Editor for 16 books, journals, and proceedings
  • Instructor of 32 short courses for working engineers and technical staff covering topics of
         micro/nanofabrication technology and MEMS in US, Europe, and Asia
  • 9 US patents granted in nanotechnology (etching, planarization, and nanoimprint technology) and
         microsystems (MEMS and circuit integration, high aspect ratio sensors)