Undergraduate Final Year Projects (2017/18)

  1. Smart Face Reading Mobile App
    • LEE Cheuk Tung
    • NIP King Hung

  2. Deep Learning Face Recognition based Attendance System and Mobile App
    • YEUNG Yiu Kwong

  3. Deep Learing based Stock Trading System Development using Deep Learning Approach
    • SIU Yiu Yeung
    • WAN Tsz Kin

  4. Smart Feng Shui Compass and BaZi Analyzer Apps
    • LAI Po Ching

  5. An Interactive Vocabulary Mobile Learning Game
    • CHEUNG Ho Lun, Lewis

MSc Dissertation Projects (2015/16)

  1. Spatial-Transform Image Hashing Algorithms for Image Retrieval and Video Copy Detection Applications
    • YU Wenye

  2. Remote PPG based Automatic Facial Spirit and Complexion Classification for Traditional Chinese Medicine Applications
    • SONG Wenyi
    • RUI Sun

  3. Portfolio Trading Strategy for Automatic Stock Trading System
    • Shen Ling