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PUN Yue-Bun, Edwin (Laboratory Director)

B.Sc.(Eng) London , Ph.D. Glasgow , SMIEEE, FHKIE

Specialism : Integrated Optics, Fiber Optics, Photonics Technology, Nano Technology

Professor (Chair) ( eeeybpun@cityu.edu.hk )



B.Eng., Ph.D., New South Wales, FOSA, MSPIE, MAOS, MIEEE

Specialism : Fiber and Integrated Optics, Nonlinear Guided-wave Optics, Optical Sensors

Professor (Chair) ( eeksc@cityu.edu.hk )


CHUNG, Henry S H Dean of Students and Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering

HD, B.Eng., Ph.D. PolyU (HK), FHKIE, FIEEE

Specialism : Power Electronics, Lighting Technology, Smart Grid Technologies

Professor (Chair) ( eeshc@cityu.edu.hk )


PANG W., Stella  Head of Department and Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering

B.Sc. Brown , M.Sc., Ph.D. Princeton , FIEEE, FAVS, FECS

Specialism : Nanofabrication Technology, Nanoimprint, Dry Etching, Microelectromechanical, Biomedical, and Quantum Devices

Professor (Chair) ( PANG@cityu.edu.hk )



B.Sc. Soochow, M.Sc. Ph.D. Cincinnati, FAAAS, FAPS, FEMA, FIEEE, FJSAP, FNAI, FOSA and FSPIE

Specialism : Meta-devices, Quantum Information Technology, Nano-photonics, Advanced Micro/Nano Fabrication and Design

Professor (Chair) ( dptsai@cityu.edu.hk )


Tse, Michael C K

BEng(Hons), PhD, FIEEE, FIEAust

Specialism : Analog Circuits, Power Electronics, Smart Grid, Networks and Nonlinear Systems

Professor (Chair) ( chitse@cityu.edu.hk )

TU, K N Chair Professor of Materials and Electrical Engineering

B.Sc. National Taiwan, M.Sc. Brown, Ph.D. Harvard, Applied Phys., Member Academia Sinica

Specialism : Thin Films, Reliability Science, Low Entropy Electronic Packaging Technology

Professor (Chair) ( kntu@cityu.edu.hk )

BASU, Arindam 

B.Tech, M. Tech (E & ECE) I.I.T Kharagpur, M.S. (Math), Ph.D. (ECE) GaTech, SMIEEE

Specialism : Neuromorphic circuits and systems, Brain-machine interfaces, Low-power VLSI, Spiking Neural Networks

Professor ( arinbasu@cityu.edu.hk )

CHAN S C, Nelson Associate Head (Research and Graudate Programmes) and Professor

M.Sc. (Essex), Ph.D. (CUHK), MIEEE

Specialism : Optical Communications, Optical Integrated Circuits, Photonic Packaging

Professor ( eehpchan@cityu.edu.hk )




Specialism : Microelectronics and Photonics, Integration, Microelectronics Devices and Circuits

Professor ( eehwong@cityu.edu.hk )


CHAN Hau-Ping, Andy

M.Sc. (Essex), Ph.D. (CUHK), MIEEE

Specialism : Optical Communications, Optical Integrated Circuits, Photonic Packaging

Assoicate Professor ( eehpchan@cityu.edu.hk )

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B.Eng. CGU, M.Sc. NTNU, Ph.D. NTU

Specialism : Meta-devices, Nano-photonics, Advanced Micro/Nano Fabrication and Design

Research Assistant Professor ( mkchen@cityu.edu.hk )


JIANG Chaoqiang

B.Eng., M.Eng. WHU, Ph.D. HKU, Member Clare Hall Cambridge

Specialism : Electric Vehicle Technologies, Power Electronics, Wireless Power Transfer, Power Converters

Assistant Professor ( chjiang@cityu.edu.hk )


TAN Chaoliang

B.Eng. HNUST, M.Eng. SCNU, Ph.D. NTU

Specialism : Optoelectronics, Electronics, Nanotechnology, 2D Materials

Assistant Professor (chaoltan@cityu.edu.hk )


WANG Cheng

B.S. Tsinghua, S.M., Ph.D. Harvard, MOSA

Specialism : Nanofabrication Technology, Photonic Circuits, Optical communications, Nonlinear Optics

Assistant Professor (cwang257@cityu.edu.hk )



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