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FPT'09 will be held in a cluster of venues on the Kensington Campus of the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

See the FPT'09 Landmarks plotted using Google Maps. Switch Satellite View on to make buildings within the campus visible.

Event Building Grid Reference1 Notes
Xilinx Embedded Linux on MicroBlaze workshop Electrical Engineering Building, Room EE214 G17 9:00am, Mon 7 Dec
FPT'09 Workshop on FPGA Architectures and Applications Electrical Engineering Lecture Theatre 2 (Rm 450), University of Sydney Directions 2:00pm, Tue 8 Dec
Registration, Oral Sessions, Exhibitions, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea Central Lecture Block (CLB) E19 From 8:00am, Wed 9 Dec
Poster Sessions, Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea, Laptop Lounge Eora Lounge D20 Adjacent to CLB; off Commerce Courtyard
Welcome BBQ, Demo Session Tyree Room of The John Niland Scientia G19 6:00pm, Wed 9 Dec
Pickup for Dinner Cruise Bus stop opposite Gate 8 A21 Buses leave at 5:15pm sharp, Thur 10 Dec
Enhancing Education with Altera's Technology and Teaching Materials workshop Electrical Engineering Building, Room EE214 G17 9:30am, Sat 12 Dec

  1. Refer to Kensington Campus Map


From Coogee

The conference venue is approximately 2.5km from Coogee Beach.

Allow 40 mins to walk up Coogee Bay Road to the Central Lecture Block. Enter the UNSW campus at Gate 9 off High Street (Grid Reference B24). Note that the walk is quite steep and can be hot in the sun.

A taxi trip will take approximately 10 mins. Ask to be dropped off at Gate 8 off High Street (Grid Reference A20). Cost will be approximately A$15.

The 370 Sydney Bus service travels from Coogee Beach to the University of Sydney via UNSW (see map). These take approximately 10 mins to reach UNSW and depart every 10-15 mins. Alight just after the Botany Street/High Street intersection (Grid Reference B26).

From the Airport

The campus is located approximately 10km from the International Terminal. The Domestic terminal is a little closer to UNSW. Travel time is about 20-30 mins by car.

If carrying bags or you are in a hurry, please take a taxi to UNSW. Ask to be dropped off at Gate 8 off High Street (Grid Reference A20). The fare will be about A$30.

If you have time, the 400 Sydney Bus service is a cheap alternative (see map). These buses operate on a 20 min frequency (approximately) and may take 45 mins to reach the High Street/Botany Street intersection (Grid Reference B26).

From the City or elsewhere

The campus is approximately 5km from Hyde Park in the city. Numerous buses travel up Oxford Street and along Anzac Parade to UNSW. See the UNSW Bus Services guide for a list of services and bus stops around campus. The Sydney Buses website provides maps and timetables.

Bus Tickets

Bus tickets should be pre-purchased if possible. Journeys are charged according to the number of sections travelled. Common trip distances and single trip tickets (purchased on the bus) are:

"TravelTen" cards valid for 10 trips (of ≤ two sections (A$15.20); ≤5 sections (A$25.60); and ≤9 sections (A$33.60)) can be purchased at convenience stores, newsagents and railway stations. They can also be purchased on campus at Arc convenience stores including the CLB Store, which is located off the Central Lecture Block at the foot of the spiral staircase. Hours: Mon-Thu 8.30am-6pm, Fri 8.30am-5pm.


The 370 bus (timetable | map) connects Coogee with UNSW and with the University of Sydney.

Note: Use the timetable for the 370 to have a rough idea when the bus should come. It is best to be 5-10 mins early though, as Sydney buses are notoriously bad at sticking to a timetable! The trip can take up to 1 hour from Coogee. A taxi may therefore be better. The cost will be about $25.

From Coogee

Pick up the bus near the Arden Street/Coogee Bay Road intersection.


Pick up the bus at one of the bus stops on the University side of High Street.

At USyd

Get out at the point marked E on the bus route map.


Important Telephone Numbers

On-Campus services

Refer to the Kensington Campus Map.