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Camera-ready papers and author registration due: 21 September 2009
Design competition poster submissions due: 23 October 2009 16 October 2009




The program committee solicits papers describing original research or high quality tutorial expositions in field-programmable technology including, but not limited to, the areas of interest indicated above. High quality posters are also solicited. Current postgraduate research students are invited to submit a short paper detailing their proposed research to be presented in a poster-based PhD forum.

In addition to the above, the organizers solicit contributions to the following:

Papers must be prepared in PDF format using the template files provided below and submitted electronically. Full papers should not exceed 8 pages in length, while posters should not exceed 4 pages in length. PhD forum papers are limited to 2 pages.

Proposals for half and full day tutorials in the areas of interest are also sought. Proposals for workshops or special sessions on particular topics are also invited. Tutorials and workshops are likely to be scheduled for 7 or 8 December, preceding the conference. Proposals for tutorials, workshops and special sessions should be sent to the tutorial and workshops chair.

Conflicts of Interest

FPT uses a blind reviewing system. Manuscripts must not identify authors or their affiliations. Self-references should be blanked out. Papers that identify authors will NOT be considered.

Because FPT uses a double blind reviewing process, reviewers do not know the authors of papers. In order to avoid reviewers providing reviews for close colleagues (eg those from their same institution), authors should identify reviewers who would have a conflict of interest from the checkbox list on the submission page.



Final submissions must be prepared in PDF format using the following template files: Papers accepted for oral presentation should not exceed 8 pages in length. Poster papers, demonstration session papers and design competition posters should not exceed 4 pages in length. PhD forum papers are limited to 2 pages in length. Extra pages may be purchased at registration time.

Please perform the following steps to submit your camera-ready manuscript:

  1. Check, and if necessary, convert your PDF document to IEEE Xplore-compatible versions.
  2. Sign the electronic copyright form.
  3. Submit your IEEE Xplore-compatible camera-ready PDF document.

Note: Please complete each of these steps - the conference organizers will not be responsible if your paper is omitted from the proceedings, is not available online on IEEE-Xplore, or is subject to additional processing costs, if these steps are not performed.

Step 1: Verify/Convert your PDF document to be IEEE Xplore-Compatible

Please visit the PDF eXpress site to verify or convert your PDF document (opens a new window).
Enter the Username: fpt09x


Step 2: Sign the Electronic Copyright Form

FPT09 requires users to submit the IEEE eCF, a fully digital version of the IEEE Copyright Form. Please fill in and submit the following form to submit your copyright information:

Publication Title
Paper Title
Authors Names (e.g., Yong K. Liu and Anthony M. Smith)
Paper Number (e.g., 123)
Authors Email Addresses (e.g., y.liu@ieee.org,a.smith@ieee.org)

Step 3: Submit Camera-Ready PDF Document

Submit your file by Email (most preferred), FTP, or post as described below.

EMAIL (message size less than 20MB, otherwise use FTP)

    to:       manuscripts@causalproductions.com       (NOTE SPELLING of CAUSAL)
    subject:  FPT2009 file #nnn (replace nnn with your paper ID number)
Include your file as an attachment to your email.

Before emailing, please compress the file(s) using
or   STUFFIT (Mac)

Your email will be acknowledged within 1-2 business days of receipt.


Point your browser to:
    ftp://ftp.causalproductions.com                   (NOTE SPELLING of CAUSAL)

    username: client_uploads
    password: client_uploads1235
    upload to directory: FPT2009
Before uploading, please compress your file(s) using any of the tools listed under EMAIL above.

After uploading, please send an email to

    to:       manuscripts@causalproductions.com       (NOTE SPELLING of CAUSAL)
    subject:  FPT2009 file #nnn on FTP site (replace nnn with your paper ID number)
stating the name of the uploaded file, the conference name, and the paper ID number, if known.

Your email will be acknowledged within 1-2 business days of receipt.

POST or COURIER (send CDR or floppy disc. Do not send hardcopies of manuscripts)

    to:   FPT2009 MANUSCRIPTS
          CAUSAL PRODUCTIONS                          (NOTE SPELLING of CAUSAL)
          41 ALISON ST
          SA 5045
Include an email address if you require acknowledgement that the file has been received.