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2016-2017 Successful GRF/ECS Award

Project Title Name of Investigator Amount
Transmitarrays for 5G and Beyond Prof CHAN Chi Hou $ 844,559.00
Chaotic Secret Key Distribution Using Optically Injected Lasers Dr CHAN Sze-Chun $ 482,605.00
Transparent and flexible nanowire-based memristive devices Dr HO Johnny Chung Yin $ 482,605.00
Distributed MIMO Coordination for Next Generation Small-cell Networks Dr KIM Taejoon $ 321,737.00
VHF Piezoelectric Aluminum Nitride on Silicon Lamb Wave Mode Micromechanical Lorentz Force Magnetometers Dr LEE En-yuan Joshua $ 482,605.00
Strategic Utilization of the Photophysical and Photochemical Properties of Luminescent Transition Metal Complexes as Synthetic Substrates for Protein Tags Prof LO Kenneth Kam-Wing $ 540,824.00
Open-Ended Substrate Integrated Waveguide-Fed Electric Dipole Antennas and Arrays for 60-GHz Millimeter-Wave Communications Prof LUK Kwai-man $ 675,647.00
Platform with Cell Guidance, Switches, and Confined Microwells to Control Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity Prof PANG Stella W $ 675,647.00
Detecting Protein Tyrosine Kinase-7 Using Nanowire Biosensor Dr WONG Chun Yuen $ 675,647.00
A Terahertz Integrated High-Power CMOS Radiator with Distributed Antenna Prof XUE Quan $ 675,647.00