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Principle Investigator
Dr. JIANG Chaoqiang (CQ) (江朝强)
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
Member of State Key Laboratory of Terahertz and Millimeter Waves
Member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge
Member of Hong Kong Institute for Clean Energy
City University of Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3442 5382

Dr. CQ Jiang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, faculty member in the State Key Laboratory of Terahertz and Millimeter Waves, at City University of Hong Kong since June 2021. He was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Cambridge in Dr. Teng Long’s group from 2019 to 2021. Also, he is affiliated with Clare Hall Cambridge since 2021. He received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from The University of Hong Kong in 2019, supervised by Prof. K.T. Chau and Prof. C.C. Chan. In 2019, he was a Visiting Researcher at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He received his B.Eng. and M.Eng. degrees both in Electrical Engineering and Automation from Wuhan University, in 2012 and 2015, respectively. His research interests include power electronics, wireless power transfer techniques, electric machines and drives, and electric vehicle (EV) technologies. Dr. Jiang is currently an Associate Editor of IET Renewable Power Generation, Guest Editor of IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology. He has been rewarded with the First Prize in the Interdisciplinary Research Competition at the University of Hong Kong, and the Winner, CAPE Acorn Blue Sky Research Award at University of Cambridge.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. LUO Bo (罗博)
Postdoc Fellow (2021-now)

Ph.D, Southwest Jiaotong University
Research Visitor, University of Auckland
M.S. & B.S., Southwest Jiaotong University
Dr. LIU Yanbing (刘晏冰)
Postdoc Fellow (2022-now)

Ph.D, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
B.S., Hunan City University. Co-cultivation in Hunan University.
Dr. WEI Shusheng (魏树生)
Postdoc Fellow (2023-now)

Ph.D, Tsinghua University
M.S. & B.S., Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Dr. MO Liping (莫李平)
Postdoc Fellow (2023-now)

Ph.D, Xiamen University
M.S. & B.S., Fuzhou University
Dr. FAN Yuanshuang (范元双)
Postdoc Fellow (2023-now)

Ph.D & M.S., Chongqing University
B.S., Southwest University
Dr. ZHOU Jiayu (周家宇)
Postdoc Fellow (2023-now)

Ph.D , Norwegian University of Science and Technology
M.S. & B.S., Beijing Jiaotong University

PhD Students

MA Tianlu (马天录)
Ph.D. student (2021-now)

M.S., Xi’an Jiaotong University
B.S., Jilin University

XIANG Jingchun (项景淳)
Ph.D. student (2021-now)

M.S., Delft University of Technology
B.S., University of Liverpool

WANG Xiaosheng (汪晓胜)
Ph.D. student (2022-now)

M.S., Huazhong University of Science and Technology

B.S., Henan Polytechnic University
  CAI Fengzhi (蔡丰植)
Ph.D. student (2022-now)

M.S., City University of Hong Kong
B.S., South China Normal University
Co-supervisor with Prof. LAM Alan H. F.
CHING Chunho (程俊豪)
Ph.D. student (2022-now)

M.S., The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
B.S., The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Co-supervisor with Prof. LAM Alan H. F.
CHEN Chen (陈晨)
Ph.D. student (2022-now)

M.S., Wuhan University of Technology
B.S., Wuhan University of Technology
WANG Yibo (王一博)
Ph.D. student (2023-now)

M.S., RWTH Aachen University
B.S., Nankai University
REN Sheng (任昇)
Ph.D. student (2023-now)

M.S., Zhejiang University
B.S., Hefei University of Technology

Research Visitors & Research Assistants

GENG Jiayi (耿嘉一)
Research assistant (2022-now)

M.S., Hebei University of Technology
B.S., Hebei University of Technology
ZHANG Rongrong (张荣荣)
Research assistant (2023-now)

Ph.D., Fudan University
B.S., Northeastern University
Research assistant (2023-now)

B.S., City University of Hong Kong
FANG Li (方力)
Research visitor (2021-2022)

Ph.D, Wuhan University
B.S., Jinan University
DU Yi (杜祎)
Research visitor (2023-2024)

M.S., Fudan University
B.S., China University of Petroleum
  Wang Ziyang (王梓杨)
Research visitor (2023-2024)

M.S., Fudan University
B.S., Fudan University

Former Members and Graudates 

Research Fellows and PhDs MSc students UG students
Mr. LIU Zhiqiang, Msc, 2021.
Mr. LIU Ziyu, Msc, 2021.
Mr. ZHANG Yilin, Msc, 2022.
Mr. CHEN Yucan, Msc, 2022.
Mr. CHEUNG Ming Cham, FYP, 2021.
Mr. CHAK Ka Wai, FYP, 2021.
Mr. CHUNG Long Yin, FYP, 2021.
Mr. DONG Haolin, FYP, 2022.
Mr. CHAN Kam Tai Kevin, FYP, 2022.
Mr. LIU Yuxi, FYP, 2022.
Mr. CHAN Chin Ting Jacky, FYP, 2022.
Mr. HUI Chun Yin, FYP, 2022.

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