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CityU Alumni Reunion Gala 2023 - EE Seminar & Networking Reunion

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Alumni Ambassador Scheme. The EE Department will be organizing a seminar and networking reunion on 14 October 2023 (Saturday) to provide an opportunity for you to network with other EE alumni and learn from the inspiring sharing by Prof. Ray Cheung and Prof. Arindam Basu. As seats are limited, check out the event and register NOW!

Topic: EE Seminar & Networking Reunion
Speakers: Prof. CHEUNG, Ray C C, Associate Provost (Digital Learning) and Professor
Prof. ARINDAM BASU, Professor and Programme Leader of Microelectronics Engineering
Mr. James Kong, EE Alumni Association Chairman
Date 14 October 2023 (Saturday)
Time 10:00am – 12:35pm
Venue:   Lily Chiang Lecture Theatre (LT7), 4/F, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building
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1st CityU EE Annual Award Ceremony

The 1st CityU EE Annual Award Ceremony was successfully held online on 18 August 2022 to celebrate the achievements of outstanding EE alumni, foster staunch networking with EE alumni, bring back successful alumni to act as role models to current EE students, and recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to CityU EE. CityU EE Annual Awards are open for nomination from February to May annually, and the CityU EE Annual Awards Task Force interviewed all the nominees for below result:


Awardees list

English Name Chinese Name Award received EE Program attended Year of Graduation Company Name Position
GUO Yongxin   Outstanding Alumni Award PhD 2001 National University of Singapore Professor
LEE Wai Hong Alex 李偉康 Outstanding Alumni Award HD
EGG Technologies Limited C.E.O. and Chief designer
NG Chi Man Jerman 吳志文 Outstanding Alumni Award BScIT 1999 Starr Insurance Companies Vice President and APAC Chief Information Officer
GE Lei 葛磊 Young Alumni Award PhD 2015 WavetoneTech China / Shenzhen University CEO / Associate Professor
MEW Kin Ni 繆堅尼 Young Alumni Award BEngCE 2012 MindLayer CEO, Founder
WANG Huai 王懷 Young Alumni Award PhD 2012 Aalborg University Professor
LI Yiu Cheung Brian 李耀祥 Outstanding Service Award N/A N/A Gold Peak Technology Group Limited Vice Chairman & Executive Vice President

This is an excellent opportunity for the Department to reconnect with our alumni and feature their achievements. It is hoped there will be a succession of CityU EE spirit among generations of EE alumni, students, and the community. Please enjoy the ceremony video.

The following faculty participating in the ceremony: Prof Arindam Basu, Prof C H Chan, Prof Nelson Chan, Dr Rosa Chan, Dr W S Chan, Prof Guangrong Chen, Prof Henry Chung, Dr Ray Cheung, Dr Lip Ket Chin, Prof Haoliang Li, Dr Derrick Jiang, Prof Stella Pang, Dr L M Po, Dr Alex Wong, Dr Kelvin Yuen and Prof Moshe Zukerman.


The First International CityU EE Conference



The First International CityU EE Conference has successfully concluded. The conference ran over three days and featured various plenary, technical, interaction and collaboration sessions. About 20 CityU EE alumni returned to share highlights of their work in academia, industry and government institutions. While the alumni cherished a chance to visit their former advisors, meet other faculty members and revisit their Alma mater, they have also brought much encouragement to the department by witnessing how far they have gone in their respective professional careers. Our current students benefitted greatly from our alumni’s heartfelt sharing regarding their technical expertise and perspectives on industrial trends. The conference program can be found here.

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EE Alumni-Student Connection 2018 – Alumni Career Conversations

Our alumni discussed with our current students how to utilize the advantage as an EE graduate for career development, the potential career fields of their interest, and job searching and career strategies that work. Prof Henry Chung, Dr Wallace Tang and Dr Rosa Chan felt grateful for alumni’s active participation in this meaningful event.