Conference Topics

Active Devices and Circuits
Low-noise devices and ciruits, high-power devices and circuits, wide band-gap devices, microwave tubes, control circuits (mixer, oscillator, switch, etc.), MMICs, RFICs, millimeter and THz wave devices and circuits, graphene devices, rectennas, and others.
Passive Components
Multi-band, broadband, tunable, and reconfigurable filters, resonators, directional couplers and hybrids, waveguides and transmission lines, ferrite and SAW devices, RF MEMS, LTCC devices, packaging, metamaterials and EBG structures, plasmonic and optical components, nanomaterials, and others.
Antennas and Wireless
Scattering and propagation, EM field theory, DOA estimation, antenna theory and design, millimeter-wave/THz and optical antennas, small antennas, broadband and multi-band antennas, MIMO antennas, active adaptive and smart antennas, antenna measurements, reconfigurable antennas, and others.
5G systems, wireless and cellular communication systems, high-speed and broadband millimeter and THz wave systems, MIMO systems, microwave photonics, radar and sensor systems, autonomous driving systems, IoT/M2M/RFID systems, wearable devices and systems, security and health monitoring systems, wireless power transfer system, energy harvesting devices and systems, microwave medical and biomedical applications systems, digital broadcasting systems, whitespace systems, software defined/cognitive/smart radio systems, satellite systems, near/far field OTA measurement systems, measurement techniques, EMC, and others.
Emerging Technologies
Millimeter-wave and THz biomedical applications, millimeter-wave and THz nano-electronic devices, new materials (graphene, CNT, nanowires etc.), nanostructured devices, circuits and antennas.

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