Invited Talks

Title Speaker Organization
A Clover-Shaped Circularly Polarised Antenna for Satellite SystemsArokiaswami AlphonesNanyang Technological University
The design of multi-beam scanning area for optical short range indoor communication systemHiroyuki AraiYokohama National University
The Challenges of 5G OTA MeasurementDau-Chyrh ChangOriental Institute of Technology
A Wideband Miniaturized Dual-Polarized Dipole Antenna for Base-Station ApplicationsWenquan CheSouth China University of Technology
Bandpass Filter Using Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Plasmonic WaveguideQiang ChenTohoku University
Gain Enhancement of 2×1 Printed Monopole Antenna Array by Using H-Type EBG ApplicationsWen-Shan ChenSouthern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Deep Learning Approaches for Electromagnetic Computational Imaging: A ReviewXudong ChenNational University of Singapore
Metantennas: From Patch Antennas to Metasurface Mosaic AntennasZhining ChenNational University of Singapore
Microwave Metalens: A Classic but New Antenna SolutionZhining ChenNational University of Singapore
A Simple Design Methodology of Compact, Wide OBO Range, Symmetrical Doherty Amplifier with Non-Ideal EffectsKwok-Keung M. ChengThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Space-time Coding Metasurface for Wireless CommunicationQiang ChengSoutheast University
Novel Dual-Mode Dielectric-Filled Waveguide FiltersQing-Xin ChuSouth China University of Technology
Perspectives on Passive and Active Huygens’ MetasurfacesGeorge V. EleftheriadesUniversity of Toronto
Metasurface Designs for Wideband Circularly Polarized Patch Antennas: A Review and an Interpretative StudyTakeshi FukusakoKumamoto University
Wideband Dual-Polarized Antennas for Base StationsSteven GaoUniversity of Kent
Microstrip Antenna Cross-Polarized Radiations, Kai Fong Lee, and Recent Insightful ObservationsDebatosh GuhaUniversity of Calcutta
Single-Feed, Highly-Directive, Higher-Order-Mode Cavity Antenna and Its Beam Tilting RealizationJay GuoUniversity of Technology Sydney
Small and Wideband Antennas for Biomedical ApplicationsYongXin GuoNational University of Singapore
Multi-Material 3D Printed AntennasYang HaoQueen Mary University of London
Recent Progress of Corporate-Feed Slot Array Antennas for Non-Far Region CommunicationJiro HirokawaTokyo Institute of Technology
3-D Metal Printed High-Q Folded Waveguide Filter with Folded AntennaJiasheng HongHeriot-Watt University
Asymmetric Full-Digital Beamforming mmWave Massive MIMO Systems for B5G/6G Wireless CommunicationsWei HongSoutheast University
Fast Direct Solution of Integral Equation Based on Strong Admissibility Skeletonization FactorizationJun HuUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China
A Hybrid Antenna of Magneto-Electric Dipole and Liquid Dielectric ResonatorYi HuangThe University of Liverpool
Intelligent Methods for Designing Advanced Electromagnetic Surfaces Using Machine Learning and OptimizationSean V. HumUniversity of Toronto
Enhanced DRA Gain by a Dielectric Ring for Millimeter-Wave ApplicationsAhmed KishkUniversity of Concordia
Flexible waveguide inspired by photonic dopingYue LiTsinghua University
Development of G-band Traveling Wave Tube for Terahertz ViSARWenxin LiuKey Laboratory of High Power Microwave Sources and Technologies , CAS
Wideband RCS Reduction Based on Polarization Rotation Reflective MetasurfaceYing LiuXidian University
Smart Sensing with Low-Cost Millimetre-Wave Radar and Machine LearningYilong LuNanyang Technological University
Design of Ka-Band Tunable Filters in Rectangular Waveguide with Constant BandwidthGiuseppe MacchiarellaInformazione e Bioingegneria
Intelligent RF Circuits and Systems with Memory ElementsJun Fa MaoShanghai Jiao Tong University
Harnessing Ambient RF Waves for Novel ApplicationsRoss MurchThe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Metaline Antenna Application to Beam-steeringHisamatsu NakanoHosei University
A 120 GHz Wideband CMOS I/Q Transmitter for Short-Range Wireless Device-To-Device CommunicationChul Soon ParkKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Ultra-Wideband High-Gain Transmitarray AntennaShi-Wei QuUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Design of Meta-Surface to Reduce Reflection Loss of Multi-Layer Dielectric Plate by Deriving Optimum Equivalent Circuit in Transmission Line ModelKunio SakakibaraNagoya Institute of Technology
Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna and its Influence on Wideband Planar Antenna DesignsLotfollah ShafaiUniversity of Manitoba
Wide Stopband Filtering Antenna with High Gain for Ka BandDongya ShenYunnan University
Radome: Past, Present, and FutureZhongxiang ShenNanyang Technological University
Topological MetasurfacesDan SievenpiperUniversity of California San Diego
Comparison of Vector Fitting and Contour Integration Methods for Pole-Zero Analysis of Microwave FiltersEng Leong TanNanyang Technological University
Modeling of RF ring resonator of non-integer indicesC.-K. Clive TzuangNational Taiwan University
Wideband MIMO Antennas for 5G Mobile TerminalsHanyang WangHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd
A Wideband Magneto-Electric Dipole Ridge Gap Waveguide Slotted Array AntennaHongjian WangNational Space Science Center and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
5G/B5G Multi-Gbps Antennas for User Terminals and Their Throughput VerificationKin-Lu WongNational Sun Yat-sen University
Nature of Antenna Radiation Revealed by Physical Circuit ModelKe-Li WuThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Design of SAW Filter and Multiplexer Module for 5G Carrier AggregationRuey-Beei WuNational Taiwan University
From U-slot patch antenna to 5G phased array antennaFan YangTsinghua University
Antenna system design and realization for an advanced 28GHz channel sounder for 5G communicationZhinong YingSony Europe
Differential Microstrip Patch AntennasYue Ping ZhangNanyang Technological University
A New Methodology of Antenna Decoupling by Common and Differential Modes CancellationZhijun ZhangTsinghua University
Dielectric stereostructure on graphene for ultrawideband terahertz absorberRenbin ZhongTerahertz Research Centre , University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Single-Layer Low-Profile Patch Antennas with Improved CP Performance by Using Multiresonant ModesLei ZhuUniversity of Macau
Omnidirectional Horizontally Polarized Magnetic Dipole Array Facilitated by Folded TM0.5,0 Mode WaveguideRichard ZiolkowskiUniversity of Technology Sydney

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