Professor Kenneth K. Mei Memorial Lecture 2

Frontiers in Microwaves

Organizer: Chi Hou Chan

Title Name
Bandpass Filter Using Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Plasmonic Waveguide Qiang Chen
Novel Dual-Mode Dielectric-Filled Waveguide Filters Qing Xin Chu
Asymmetric Full-Digital Beamforming mmWave Massive MIMO Systems for B5G/6G Wireless Communications Wei Hong
Intelligent RF Circuits and Systems with Memory Elements Jun Fa Mao
Harnessing Ambient RF Waves for Novel Applications Ross Murch
A 120 GHz Wideband CMOS I/Q Transmitter for Short-Range Wireless Device-To-Device Communication Chul Soon Park
Modeling of Ring Resonator of Noninteger Indices Ching-Kuang Clive Tzuang
Design of SAW Filter and Multiplexer Module for 5G Carrier Aggregation Ruey Beei Wu

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