Focused Session

Advanced Filter Design

Organizers: Pei-Ling Chi
                    Tzong-Lin Wu

Title Name
Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Based on Frequency Transformations with Enhanced Inter-Band Isolation Shao-Chan Tang
Pei-Cheng Chu
Jen-Tsai Kuo
Lin-Kun Wu
A Microstrip Two-State Switchable Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Hsin-Ya Tseng
Chi-Feng Chen
Yi-Hua He
Kai-Wei Zhou
Ruei-Yi Chen
Design of the Switchable Planar Bandstop Filter with Single/Dual Stopbands Ching-Wen Tang
Yang-Hsin Fan
You-Ding Tsai
Compact Hybrid Bandpass Filter Using SIW and CSRRs with Wide Stopband Rejection Yan Zheng
Yilong Zhu
Yuandan Dong

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