Professor Kenneth K. Mei Memorial Lecture 1

Frontiers in Antennas

Organizer: Kwok Wa Leung

Title Name
The Design of Multi-Beam Scanning Area for Optical Short Range Indoor Communication System Hiroyuki Arai
The Challenges of 5G OTA Measurement Dau Chyrh Chang
Single-Feed, Highly-Directive, Higher-Order-Mode Cavity Antenna and Its Beam Tilting Realization Jay Guo
Multi-Material 3D Printed Antennas Yang Hao
Design of Meta-Surface to Reduce Reflection Loss of Multi-Layer Dielectric Plate by Deriving Optimum Equivalent Circuit in Transmission Line Model Kunio Sakakibara
Wideband MIMO Antennas for 5G Mobile Terminals Han Yang Wang
A Wideband Magneto-Electric Dipole Ridge Gap Waveguide Slotted Array Antenna Hong Jian Wang
Omnidirectional Horizontally Polarized Magnetic Dipole Array Facilitated by Folded TE0.5,0 ModeWaveguide Richard Ziolkowski

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