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Introduction of Student Tutoring Scheme

Student Tutoring Scheme has been introduced by EE department since 2007/08 that aims to cultivate a peer-assisted learning environment. Senior students with good academic performance are recruited to enhance students' understanding in course materials and improve students' overall learning and reasoning skills.

Two types of tutoring support are provided under the scheme, namely in-class and after-class tutoring. In-class tutoring facilitates peer interaction in tutorial and laboratory and enables diversity of teaching and learning activities with the assistance of student tutors. After-class tutoring extends the learning support by organizing small study groups where student tutors meet with junior students studying in the same course to discuss academic work and share tips on effective learning strategies.

Our objectives are:

  • To promote knowledge transfer and experience sharing among students
  • To help students develop an active and reflective attitude for learning
  • To help students apply effective learning strategies and skills for university study
  • To diversify teaching and learning activities with the assistance of student tutors

Becoming a Student Tutor

To be qualified as a student tutor, one must performed well for the chosen courses. In addition, we are looking for senior students with the following attributes:

  • Loving heart to help peers succeed
  • Good social and communication skills
  • Sense of belonging to the department
  • Mature mindset and positive attitude towards life, study and works

Invitations of application will be sent to students before the commencement of each semester.

Recognition and Awards

As a part of the scheme, the following awards are presented at the end of the scheme to recognize students’ devoted learning effort and contribution that are greatly valued by both the Department and the University.

  • Student Tutor Service Awards
  • Significant Improvement Awards