Soft Skills


CityU EE Joint Lab Microsoft Training

Microsoft HK partners with CityU Joint Lab provided a 2-day training session “AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals” to EE students. This course introduced fundamentals concepts related to AI, and the services in Microsoft Azure that could be used to create AI solutions.

Date: 17 -18 June 2021
Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm (6 hours in total)
Course outline:
Quota: 80 (first-come-first-served)

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EE Honor Society MCM Workshops and Mock Contest

The contest attracted diverse students and faculty advisors from over 900 institutions around the world.

Deadline for registration: 2 Jun 2021
Online workshops: 17 -19 May 2021
Mock contest: 3 – 7 Jun 2021

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Postgraduate Seminar: My Stories of Conducting Research as an Early-career Researcher

During the seminar, Dr Wang shared with students some his stories on research career development, in particular during his PhD years. His genuine sharing of facing ups and downs provided insights to students on how to plan for PhD study and how to conduct good and solid research work. The session rounded up with active discussion and full of encouragement.

Dr Wang's seminar_04262021.png

Electrical Engineering Honor Society (EEHS) Alumni Sharing Sessions in March 2021

Both speakers Mr. SONG Xiangchen, who will start as a PhD student in Carnegie Mellon University and Miss LI Yuqi, who is currently studying at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as a PhD student are 2017 ECE graduates, they generously shared their experience in applying graduate studies, undergraduate research and tips about how to find good research topics. They also talked about how to improve communication skills, problem solving skills and the ways to find initiatives. The talks ended with interactive and informative Q&A among participants.

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EE Soft Skills Seminar – “Professor Says Series - Overcoming Adversity to Succeed in Life (克服逆境 邁向人生)”

Professor Chen shared how he found ways to jump over hurdles and get around roadblocks, so that they did not stop him from moving forward and he hoped his stories could shed some light onto positive thoughts of students when facing adversity in life. Students actively participated in the Q&A session after the seminar.


Round Table Discussion on Teaching Philosophy

Winners of Outstanding Teacher Awards 2020, namely Dr Ray Cheung, Mr Van Ting, Dr Cheng Wang and Prof Moshe Zukerman, were invited to share their teaching philosophy and experiences with students. Important factors to effective teaching and learning, innovations in teaching, blended approach on programming education, etc., were discussed on the day.


Sharing on Effective Teaching

Ways for achieving simple, consistent and accurate marking and checking; how to make use of Canvas for efficient marking; and tips on improving teaching quality were shared. Some TAs were invited to share their teaching experiences as well. The talk ended with active discussion on effective teaching practices among participants.

Kelvin Yuen Sharing On Effective TA Teaching

Seminar on Academic Writing - “Writing Up a Good Research Paper for Publication”

In this talk, he shared his substantial experiences on writing a good research paper and discussed how to present it in a more professional and readable fashion. Valuable tips were shared to address some common problems that hinder a student from writing up a high-quality and attractive paper for publication.


EE Soft Skills Seminar – “Graduate School Application in the US and HK”

The valuable key takeaways covered by Dr. Wang and Dr Yuan included whether students should go for graduate school and their expectation, pros and cons of graduate schools in the US and HK, criteria for a successful application to US graduate schools and to HKPFS and the current global situation changes the prospects of graduate school applications.

Dr. WANG Cheng and Dr. YUAN Yixuan


Video and Presentation material by Dr. WANG Cheng  and Dr. YUAN Yixuan are available.



EE Soft Skills Seminar – “Behind the Story of Tech Start-ups from San Francisco Bay Area to the Greater Bay Area”

The valuable key takeaways covered by Dr Hung included the factors and policies that favor technology start-ups in the U.S., suitable models of technology start-ups in the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong, and the unique challenges and opportunities in the high-tech industries in Hong Kong.


Presentation materials are available here.