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Career Journey Sharing Session And Interview Skills Roundtable Discussion

A career journey sharing session and interview skills roundtable discussion was held in mixed mode on 9 September 2022 to help students plan their career or job search and better prepare for job interviews. Over 30 students joined the session. It is our honor to invite five speakers from different disciplines in the industry to share their career stories. Each speaker, assisted by a student facilitator, hosted roundtable discussion in small groups of 5-6 students. Positive feedback were received, all the participants enjoyed the event, they found the information very useful and would recommend it to their friends.

Career Journey Sharing Session and Interview skills Roundtable Discussion

Dialogue with Parents 2022

We do hope that the information would facilitate parents to walk through the university journey with their children. Two graduates, Mr Tommy Law (2020 ECE graduate) and Mr Hugo Wong (2017 ECE graduate), also joined us to share their learning experiences in EE and their career development to parents.

Dialogue with Parents 2022 on 3 Sep 2022.JPG

Distinguished Technical Seminar by Prof. Kai-Kit Wong

The seminar focused on talking about the novel antenna technology, referred to as fluid antenna, that adopts a software-controlled, position-flexible antenna to operate on the best signal envelope within a given space. There was a nice exchange among faculty, research staff and students. 

Distinguished Technical Seminar by Prof Kai-Kit Wong on 26 Aug 2022

EE Student Orientation 2022 – A Big Welcome to all EE New Students!

Various informative sessions were arranged to let students know more about the Department, the programme information, student learning support and graduate career outlook. Big welcome again and may we wish you all a wonderful and fulfilling journey with EE!

EE Student Orientation 2022 – A Big Welcome to all EE New Students on 24 Aug 2022.JPG

Participating faculty:
Welcoming & Introduction to EE: Prof K M Luk, Prof Stella Pang, Dr Albert Sung, Prof Nelson Chan, Dr Rosa Chan, Dr Ray Cheung, Dr Derrick Jiang, Dr Haoliang Li
CDE: Dr Yanni Sun, Dr K L Chan, Dr L M Po
ELEL: Dr Andy Chan, Dr W S Chan, Dr Lip Ket Chin
INFE: Prof Andrew Leung, Dr Eric Wong
First-year: Dr Sammy Chan, Prof Arindam Basu
PhD and MSc Programmes: Dr Bernard Chiu, Dr Steve Wong, Prof Arindam Basu, Dr Young Jin Chun


1st CityU EE Annual Award Ceremony


Awardees list

English Name Chinese Name Award received EE Program attended Year of Graduation Company Name Position
GUO Yongxin   Outstanding Alumni Award PhD 2001 National University of Singapore Professor
LEE Wai Hong Alex 李偉康 Outstanding Alumni Award HD
EGG Technologies Limited C.E.O. and Chief designer
NG Chi Man Jerman 吳志文 Outstanding Alumni Award BScIT 1999 Starr Insurance Companies Vice President and APAC Chief Information Officer
GE Lei 葛磊 Young Alumni Award PhD 2015 WavetoneTech China / Shenzhen University CEO / Associate Professor
MEW Kin Ni 繆堅尼 Young Alumni Award BEngCE 2012 MindLayer CEO, Founder
WANG Huai 王懷 Young Alumni Award PhD 2012 Aalborg University Professor
LI Yiu Cheung Brian 李耀祥 Outstanding Service Award N/A N/A Gold Peak Technology Group Limited Vice Chairman & Executive Vice President

This is an excellent opportunity for the Department to reconnect with our alumni and feature their achievements. It is hoped there will be a succession of CityU EE spirit among generations of EE alumni, students, and the community. Please enjoy the ceremony video.

The following faculty participating in the ceremony:
Prof Arindam Basu, Prof C H Chan, Prof Nelson Chan, Dr Rosa Chan, Dr W S Chan, Prof Guangrong Chen, Prof Henry Chung, Dr Ray Cheung, Dr Lip Ket Chin, Prof Haoliang Li, Dr Derrick Jiang, Prof Stella Pang, Dr L M Po, Dr Alex Wong, Dr Kelvin Yuen and Prof Moshe Zukerman.


Virtual Workshop for Potential PhD Students

Apart from the introduction of the Department and the PhD programme, thirteen 15-min research seminars presented by EE professors were arranged. The discussion and exchange over the Zoom platform was lively and inspiring. We look forward to meeting them face-to-face at CityU when they join our PhD programme next year.

The following faculty participating in the workshop:

Prof Arindam Basu, Prof Nelson Chan, Dr Ray Cheung, Dr Lip Ket Chin, Prof Haoliang Li, Dr Ehsan Nekouei, Dr Derrick Jiang, Prof Stella Pang, Dr Yanni Sun, Prof Din-ping Tsai, Dr Alex Wong, Dr Eric Wong, and Prof Moshe Zukerman

Virtual Workshop for Potential PhD Students

JS1205 Programme Information Session and Interviews plus Special Recruitment Session 2022


During the event, all participants showed their enthusiasm in studying EE and how they were impressed by the prevailing technologies and their applications.

A Special Recruitment Session in mixed mode was held on 15 July 2022 for a more in-depth exchange and sharing. Our Head of EE Department Prof Stella Pang kick-started the session, followed by an alumni sharing, chit-chats with student ambassadors and a lab tour to our State Key Laboratory of Terahertz and Millimeter Waves or Team Projects Laboratory.

The following faculty participated in the sessions:
Dr Alex Wong, Dr Ray Cheung, Dr Leanne Chan, Prof Andrew Leung, Dr Bernard Chiu,
Dr Chan Wing Shing, Dr Katie Chan, Dr Andy Chan, Dr Leung Shu Hung, Dr Wang Cheng,
Dr Eric Wong, Dr Albert Sung, Dr Wong Hang, Mr Ting Chi Wang


Donation of $1 Million from Pong Yuen Holdings Ltd to Support Research in the Department of Electrical Engineering

With this generous donation, Prof Michael Tse, Associate Vice-President (Strategic Research) and Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering, will conduct indepth study of current status in the development of enabling technologies for information and energy infrastructures and will develop new technologies for sustainable development of smart society. Associated matching funds, if available,  will also support the early career development of junior faculty in the Department. 

In recognition of the generous support of Pong Yuen Holdings Ltd., a cheque presentation luncheon was held on 30 June 2022. The presentation was officiated by Prof Stella Pang, Head of Department of Electrical Engineering,  and Prof Michael Tse. Guests attending the presentation included Mrs Lam Chau Shun Yin, Director of Pong Yuen Holdings Ltd.; Ms Hellas Wong, Managing Director; Mr Tony Choy, Director of Business Development, Mr Joseph Pang, Director of Technology Development and Ms Cecilia Tang, Development Manager of CityU’s Development Office.  

Donation of $1 Million from Pong Yuen Holdings Ltd to Support Research in the Department of Electrical Engineering

Media Briefing for Microelectronics Engineering New Major

Prof Stella Pang (Head of EE Department); Prof Henry Chung and Dr Alex Wong briefed to the media friends about the new major, its objectives and curriculum, promising career path of graduates, and the co-curricular opportunities during student studies. Ir Dr H L Yiu, Head of Reindustrialization, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation shared about the HK government’s staunch support in re-industrialization of Hong Kong; global, regional and local market in IC design and development; role of industry in support of the market; and the high demand of professional engineers in the microelectronics engineering discipline.

The major provides students sound knowledge of the fundamental principles involved in the design and fabrication of integrated circuits (ICs), and a comprehensive understanding of electronics and information technologies. The curriculum includes application specific IC (ASIC) design for novel applications, nanotechnologies for high-performance devices and microsystems, and new designs and materials for ICs.


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Second Farewell Get-together for Three Technical Colleagues

Over 50 colleagues participated in the event to render their warm wishes and recalled together many good memories. The event ended in wholesome laughter and heartwarming greetings. We wish them all the best in their new page of life after their retirement.

second farewell 2022.jpg