Master of Science in Electronic Information Engineering (MScEIE)     
Optional Exit Routes
  • Business Management (BM) Option
  • Industrial Research (IR) Option
Entrance Requirement
  • A degree of one of the universities in Hong Kong or an overseas institution recognized for this purpose by the University; OR
  • An equivalent qualification, or provided evidence of academic and professional attainment acceptable for this purpose by the university.
Credit Unit Requirements, Duration and Tuition Fee
  MSEIE MSEIE - BM Option MSEIE - IR Option1
Programme Code P54 P54 P54
Credit units (CUs) required 30 45 30
Normal Duration Full-time : 1 year
Part-time/combined mode2 : 2 years
Full-time : 1.5 years
Part-time/combined mode2 : 3 years
1.5 years
Maximum Period of Study Full-time :2.5 years
Part-time/combined mode2 : 5 years
Full-time : 3.5 years
Part-time/combined mode2 : 7.5 years
3.5 years
Fee per course
(3 CUs)
HK$16,200 ($5,400 per credit unit)
Total Programme Fee HK$162,000 HK$243,000 HK$243,000

Note 1: Only students taking full-time study mode can opt for Industrial Research (IR) Option.

Note 2:Combined mode: Local students taking programmes in combined mode can attend full-time (12-18 credit units per semester) or part-time (no more than 11 credit units per semester) study in different semesters without seeking approval from the University. For non-local students, they will be admitted to these programmes for either full-time or part-time studies. Non-local students must maintain the required credit load for their full-time or part-time studies and any changes will require approval from the University.

Semesters in 2022/23
Semester Start Dates
Semester A 29 August 2022
Semester B 9 January 2023
Summer Term 5 June 2023
Fellowships Scheme

Fellowship awards are available for local students admitted to this programme under the Fellowships Scheme supported by the HKSAR Government. Local students admitted to the programme in full-time, part-time or combined study mode will be invited to submit applications for the fellowships. Please click to view more details about the Fellowships Scheme.

Application Periods and Forms

Application for admission in September 2022 (Semester A): starting from mid of November 2021. Click here for application details and deadline.


Last Updated : 29 Oct 2021