OIS Final Presentation Competition 2018

The 43 contestants, mostly Year 3 students, have accomplished the two month-long international experiential learning, which took place during the past summer semester in 6 countries. Under the Overseas Internship Scheme OIS 2018, they geared up to travel across the continent to the USA, the UK, Spain, Canada, Finland or France. Residing temporarily in a new city and being coached on an innovative and mind-blowing research task could be a heady excitement to remember for life.

In this competition, they presented a summary of their own two-month project, each of which was printed on a large colourful poster, to CityU supervisors as well as their fellow students and professors. The top 4 among them, in terms of both quality and creativity, became the finalists to make a second-round presentation in the stage area before awarded the title the Best OIS Final Competition Presenters. Not only did this event put a fruitful, memorable and concluding full stop to their adventures, but also showed to junior students who are interested in joining the next cohort what they could achieve through the scheme.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition!

Champion: Wong Tsz Ming Derek (Supervisor: Dr Rosa Chan)
1st Runner-up: Shi Yuzhou Nicole (Supervisor: Dr Xin Gai)
2nd Runner-up: Ma Wai Shan Liz (Supervisor: Dr Alex Wong)
2nd Runner-up: Tong Ka Yan Judy (Supervisor: Dr Ray Cheung)