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DURF 2023 – 2024 (Program Details)

Please find a list of DURF Job Postings Here.

Students are also encouraged to approach professors in their areas of interest to inquire about relevant research projects and positions.

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The EE Departmental Undergraduate Research Fellowship (DURF) program aims to encourage, and provide financial support, for select undergraduate students to participate and obtain in-depth experience in academic research, at a duration and involvement level beyond what is commonly offered in a single CIS.

Program Flow:

  •  Pre-screening: To apply for this Fellowship, candidate must have:
    • Support from a faculty member who is willing to supervise the candidate through the DURF program, and provide financial assistance where needed
    • Indication of merit, demonstrated by one of the following:
      • A minimum of CGPA of 3.50 at the time of application, OR
      • A minimum of CGPA of 2.80 AND a grade of 80% or higher in two or more courses deemed by the supervisor as strongly related to the research
  • Research term: After passing pre-screening, the student will be admitted into a research fellowship program of no less than 250 hours.
  • Mid-term Evaluation: The candidate must achieve above a satisfactory standing (as evaluated by his/her supervisor) at his/her final CIS report (to be completed after 150 hours of the candidate’s involvement in the project).
  • Final Evaluation:
    • The candidate must do a term-end presentation (typically in May or late August) and submit a report to the supervisor.
    • The candidate must perform a demonstration of the project (or his/her progress in the project). The form of the demonstration can be freely taken based on the nature of project and the progress obtained. The form of the demonstration will be mutually agreed upon by the supervisor and the candidate.
    • The supervisor and an assessor must fill in a form indicating the satisfactory completion of the project.


  • The students who satisfactorily complete the distinguished undergraduate research fellowship program will be awarded the fellowship and given a recognition certificate.
  • The students who begin the program, but fail to achieve the aforementioned requirements, will not be awarded the fellowship. Nonetheless they will be financially compensated for their work through the CIS and Student Helper programs, and the supervisors will still receive support through the EE internal award scheme.
  • The students who achieve an outstanding performance through the program, as evidenced by the commendation from the supervisor and the assessor, will be considered for a Distinction award from the Department.

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Completed DURF Projects

Please find below final reports of some students who have successfully completed the DURF program.


DURF 2021-2022

Design of Patient Scheduling Systems

Clustering of ALS survival data

Driving Active Electronmagnetic Surfaces with an FPGA

Inverse-designed Photonic Devices