Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Major Aim

We aim to provide students with a solid education in advanced electronic and electrical technologies. Students will be exposed to the latest developments in (1) wireless communications & data technology; (2) microwave, terahertz & optical technologies; (3) photonic, electronic, & sensor devices; (4) smart control & electrical power systems; and (5) bioelectronics & bioinformatics.

Our programme will transform students into well-trained professional engineers in the rapidly changing knowledge-based economy. They will be equipped throughout the training with the skills, vision, and opportunity to progress further in their career path.

科技發展一日千里,隨著各類電子產品及機電建設的迅速發展,香港特區政府已將「第五代流動技術」和「智慧城市」定為其中兩個重點支持項目。本課程旨在為電子、通訊、機電及能源工程業培育專業工程師,學生將具備專業技術和視野,並能設計及應用不同電子、通訊、機電及能源系統,迎接新科技帶來的挑戰。內容主要教授電子及通訊科技知識,重點有(1) 無線通訊及數據技術;(2) 微波,太赫兹與光學科技;(3) 光電子及電子器件、感應器;(4) 智能管理及電機能源系統;及 (5) 生物電子及生物信息技術。

Major Educational Objectives

The Major Educational Objectives of ELEL major are to:

  1. Provide graduates with a solid education in electronic and electrical engineering and tools that will enable them to identify and solve related engineering problems.
  2. Provide graduates with the ability and vision that will enable them to become independent life‐long learners in nowadays rapidly changing knowledge-based economy.
  3. Provide graduates with a solid foundation in electronic and electrical engineering tools that will enable them to pursue postgraduate studies in related engineering or their chosen field of interest.
  4. Provide graduates with the basic skills to communicate and lead effectively and to be able to work independently as well as collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams.
  5. Provide graduates with a broad-based education that will prepare them to work with high standards of ethical conduct and societal responsibilities. 

Career Prospect

To maintain Hong Kong's competitiveness, the Government has taken steps to boost technology-based high-value-added services and industries. Electronics and electrical are among the areas identified for focused support. Even in the banking, finance and business sectors, personnel with a solid background in technology are in great demand in this increasingly complex technological age.

Our Graduates

  • Premier Employers

    Government/ Government-related Organizations/ Utilities: Immigration, Customs & Excise Department, Housing Authority, ICAC. CLP Power
    Engineering/ Technology: SAE Magnetics, HK Broadband, Science Park, Cyberport, Wharf T & T, HP, Hutchison Telecom, Canon, Chubb
    Finance/ Banking: KPMG, DBS, Hang Seng Bank, Bank of East Asia
    Transportation and Logistics: KCRC, MTR
  • Job Nature of Graduates
    Telecommunication Engineer, Electronic/ Electrical Engineer, Product and System Developer/ Administrator, Hardware/ Software/ Network Engineer, Computer Programmer, IT Developer, System Analyst, Production and Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Research and Development, Auditor, etc.
  • Graduate Employment Survey 2022
    The survey shows that 91.67% of the BEngECE graduates were engaged before the cut-off date, with 68.75% in the job market and 22.92% in full-time postgraduate studies. Click here for details.

Professional Recognition

The major has been accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, one of the educational requirements for obtaining Charter status. Based on the Washington Accord, graduates receive reciprocal recognition from equivalent bodies in Australia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong-China, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Last Updated : 22 Sep 2023