CityU Talents Programme – Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programmes

As part of the CityU Talents Programme to attract high caliber students and inspire existing/new Year 1 students to raise their academic performance, the University introduced “Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programmes”, where students will be awarded Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at one time upon completion of their studies.

What is an “Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme”?

  • In EE, 4-year bachelor’s degree students require 120 credits to be completed in 4 years under normal study plan, while taught master students (full-time) require 30 credits in 1 year.
  • Students taking “Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme” will receive a conditional offer for a Master's degree programme.
  • Students can benefit from taking three electives from the postgraduate level pool to fulfill the undergraduate degree requirement (9 credits of MSc courses included in the UG degree requirement).
  • The remaining 21 credits of Taught Postgraduate courses will be taken following the completion of undergraduate degree (120 credits).
  • On completion of their study at CityU, students will be awarded Bachelor of Engineering in Computer and Data Engineering/Electronic and Electrical Engineering/Information Engineering/Microelectronics Engineering (pending approval) plus Master of Science in Electronic Information Engineering/Multimedia Information Technology.

Eligibility Criteria/Entrance Requirements

New students
  • JUPAS: HKDSE score ≥ 30 in 4 core and 2 elective subjects; or
  • Non-JUPAS: IB Diploma score ≥ 40; or
  • Mainland students: Fulfill the entrance scholarship requirements
Existing Year 1 students CGPA >= 3.6 after 2 semesters; OR
Top 10% of Year 1 students of the College of Engineering, whichever is higher;


Completion of at least 30 credit units in semesters A & B is required, including the number of credit units specified by the College/home academic units of required courses

Continuation and Exit Path

To continue in the Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme, students are required to achieve a CGPA of 3.40 or above by the end of Semester B each year. Students who fail the CGPA requirement can continue to complete the regular BEng programme they are enrolled in until graduation. Students can also withdraw from the Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme at their discretion at any point, and continue to complete the regular BEng programme. Students who once fail the CGPA requirement or have withdrawn from the programme cannot rejoin it again.

Recommended Study Path

UG plus TPG
Undergraduate Studies (3.5 years) Taught Postgraduate Studies (0.5 year with a summer semester)
Undergraduate curriculum (≥ 120 credit units), out of which 9 credit units are MSc courses as electives Taught postgraduate curriculum (30 credit units), with 9 credit units nominally transferred from undergraduate study
Registered as undergraduate students, paying undergraduate tuition fees Registered as taught postgraduate students, paying self-financing taught postgraduate tuition fees for 21 credit units

Curriculum Information Records (2022/2023 Sem A major catalogue term for reference)

CIR – Computer and Data Engineering
CIR – Electronic and Electrical Engineering
CIR – Information Engineering


There are two rounds of application per year. In 2022-23 Semester A, application is open from 7 November (Mon) until 30 November (Wed). Interested students please fill in the application form here. For any questions, please talk to your programme leader.

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