Launch of Bi-weekly EE Multidisciplinary Research Forum

Recently a bi-weekly departmental forum, focusing on multidisciplinary research, is successfully launched in the format of a faculties’ lunch greeting at Electronic Engineering Department. The forum consists of two sections of free discussions (before and after the talk) and a 20-30 min research-sharing presentation. Lunch was provided for all attendees.

We are appreciative to Prof. Moshe Zukerman and Dr. Alex M. H. Wong for being our first and second forum presenters. In their presentations, Prof. Moshe Zukerman shared his valuable experience in successfully initializing and organizing a multidisciplinary CRF team for survivable telecommunication system in disasters, whilst Dr. Alex M. H. Wong talked about his interesting research in metasurface and superoscillation. Interesting discussions extended to include diverse topics such as tips for grant application, the committee’s definition of a multidisciplinary team, what to do with failed proposals, barriers and rewards of multidisciplinary research and so on.

In the future, the departmental forum will regularly continue in bi-weekly routine with increasing inclusivity, featuring external speakers, meetings with industrial partners and interaction between faculties and students. We hope everyone can have a casual and constructive discussion over an enjoyable lunch together in the forum.