Student innovative design ideas showcased through their Final Year Projects

The Final Year Project is a major component of the major. Its purpose is to provide a vehicle whereby the student can integrate ideas, concepts and skills obtained during the studies and channel them into the production of a novel idea or a product.

Tracking Bilateral Lower Limb Kinematics of Distance Runners on Treadmill Using a Single Inertial Measurement Unit by PATRA Yuvraj (CDE) – 2022/23
Final Year Project Competition Silver Prize 2023
Cryptocurrency Trading Bot by RAMZY Ahmed (CDE) – 2021/22
CDE_2022_Ahmed RAMZY_Bronze170.png
Final Year Project Competition Bronze Prize 2022
Educational Pandemic Simulator by BOSHOFF, Dutliff (CDE) – 2020/21
Final Year Project Competition Bronze Prize 2021