Department Events 2021


CityU-EE x Cyberport Joint Lab: CityU Underwater Robotics Team in Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2021 – Infinity Games

This was certainly an eye-opening experience for the members of CityU UR team which allowed them to showcase the team’s recent development as well as to interact with resourceful personalities from different industries. Their tireless effort contributed to the success of the event. Visitors enjoyed the esports-like underwater football show match and shown strong interests to explore engineering knowledge and support the new generation to know more about EE.

CityU-EE x Cyberport Joint Lab 1


Cyberport 4

“Science in the Public Service” Lecture Series – “How does Artificial Intelligence Compute – Past, Present and Future?”

SIPS is a joint campaign organized by government bureaux/departments and other organisations to promote their scientific work and application of technology to the provision of services for the general public. Dr Cheung’s talk, which attracted around 200 audiences attended, focused on the science and engineering foundational knowledge for computing, as well as the recent blooming of artificial intelligence (AI) around the world. The recent technological advancement in processor architecture, industrial AI processor designs, and upcoming technology trends are also covered in this public science lecture.

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Departmental Executive Committee Retreat 2021

Departmental Executive Committee Retreat 2021

EE Annual Dinner 2021

Thanks to the active participation of EE staff and students, the wonderful singing competition allowed the EE community to taste the different versions of CityU Anthem “Beyond Boundaries”. The quiz game also let us to know more the recent development of CityU and EE. The singing performance by EE professors and students with the companion of play of guitar led to the climax of the night. The joyful night was rounded up with the fabulous lucky draw.

EE Annual Dinner 2021

Harness the Wind Fun Day

The Fun Day inspired the students by introducing the movie “The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind”, the young Malawian genius who built a windmill entirely via DIY methods and saved his family and village from drought and famine. It also provided high-school students hands on experience, with teaching of simple wind power generator and building up their own wind power generator in a competition. Two current EE students, Mr. Kenny Chan (Year 1) and Mr. Charles Chan (Year 3 ECE), shared their learning experiences in EE. During the Fun Day, the teachers and principals were treated to a Laboratory Tour featuring the teaching facilities and projects within CityU-EE. We concluded with an Q&A among high-school students, EE undergraduate students and EE professors. All the participants found the Fun Day fruitful and increased their interests in CityU EE.


Second EE Academic Staff Meeting in 2021/22

The Chairman presented updates on the development of teaching, research, and industrial collaborations of the Department in the past several months. Examination arrangements for Semester A, PhD admission, and laboratory safety and relocation were also highlighted and discussed.

Second EE Academic Staff Meeting in 2021/22

Presentation of Awards and Farewell to Long Servicing EE Colleagues

At the same occasion, we also bid farewell to the long servicing Senior Technical Officer, Mr C Y Cheng, who served the Department and the University for 36 years and will retire by end of November this year. 

Our achievements and successes are only possible because of their dedication and professionalism. Our heartfelt thanks to all of them!

Long Servicing EE Staff 2021

  • Ms Jay Au-yeung
  • Dr Andy Chan
  • Prof C H Chan
  • Dr K L Chan
  • Dr Rosa Chan
  • Dr Bernard Chiu
  • Mr C M Fung
  • Mr W K Kan
  • Mr Robust Lai
  • Mr C Y Lau
  • Mr C K Lau
  • Prof Ping Li
  • Ms Jenny Lim
  • Mr Vincent Mok
  • Mr P L Ng
  • Dr Peter Tsang
  • Dr Polis Wong
Presentation of Awards and Farewell

CityU EE Established New Joint Laboratory with another Six World-renowned Enterprises to Develop an Innovation and Technology Ecosystem in Hong Kong

Professor Christian Wagner, Provost and Chair Professor of Social Media, was delighted to witness the commencement of phase five of the joint laboratory programme and mentioned that "The EE department at CityU is merely one component in this partnership. The strength of the network arises from the excellent joint research and innovation activities with the now 28 partner organisations. Networks are strong, resilient, and create exponential benefits for their participants. This is the essence of success of the CityU EE Joint Lab."

Since its establishment in 2019, the CityU EE Joint Lab Programme has connected with a total of 28 CityU EE Joint Lab Partners. A series of cooperative and technical projects have been/will be launched with these partners. For example, Compass Technology has arranged a student internship programme and has invited university professors to discuss research projects. Intel Co., Ltd. has arranged FPGA online training for CityU EE students. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Joint Universities Computer Centre held an artificial intelligence lecture and invited university students to participate. Pong Yuen Group has donated NVIDIA JETSON Nano computing platforms for organizing artificial intelligence training classes to allow undergraduates and graduate students to participate in AI learning. United Microelectronics Center (Hong Kong) arranged lectures with professors from EE and deepened the joint research with CityU.


News report in: Ta Kung Pao








CityU EE: Joint Lab Phase 5 Opening Ceremony 2021
CityU EE: Joint Lab Phase 5 Opening Ceremony 2021 Joint Lab Phase 5 Welcome Speech by Professor Stella Pang 2021
Joint Lab Phase 5 Welcome Speech by Professor Christian Wagner, Provost and Chair Professor of Social Media 2021 Sharing from Ir Eric Chan (Cyberport)
Sharing from Dr Jacky Ng (Fujifilm) Sharing from Mr Eric Yip (Gravity)
Sharing from Mr Joe Chan (HKSTP) Sharing from Mr Simon Wong (LSCM)
Sharing from Mr Samuel Lo (nVidia) Joint Lab Phase 5 Closing Remark by Professor Stella Pang 2021

First Departmental Advisory Committee Meeting in 2021/22

There was active discussion about boosting the publicity of EE locally and globally, recruitment and nurturing of quality students and fostering closer tie with the industry and government. With their visionary and constructive advices, the Department would continue to excel in teaching and research.


RGC Public Lectures – “High-Performance Antennas for Wireless Communications” by Prof C H Chan

To let the community know about the importance and values of the work of the researchers and their contribution to society, RGC has been organizing regular public lectures to introduce to the public the achievements of the researchers. At the talk, Prof Chan talked about the development of antennas for modern wireless communications by his antenna research team. You may click HERE to view the video of the talk.

RGC Public Lectures.jpg