Student Events 2020


Seminar on Academic Writing - “Writing Up a Good Research Paper for Publication”

In this talk, he shared his substantial experiences on writing a good research paper and discussed how to present it in a more professional and readable fashion. Valuable tips were shared to address some common problems that hinder a student from writing up a high-quality and attractive paper for publication.


EE Soft Skills Seminar – “Graduate School Application in the US and HK”

The valuable key takeaways covered by Dr. Wang and Dr Yuan included whether students should go for graduate school and their expectation, pros and cons of graduate schools in the US and HK, criteria for a successful application to US graduate schools and to HKPFS and the current global situation changes the prospects of graduate school applications.

Dr. WANG Cheng and Dr. YUAN Yixuan


Video and Presentation material by Dr. WANG Cheng  and Dr. YUAN Yixuan are available.



EE Soft Skills Seminar – “Behind the Story of Tech Start-ups from San Francisco Bay Area to the Greater Bay Area”

The valuable key takeaways covered by Dr Hung included the factors and policies that favor technology start-ups in the U.S., suitable models of technology start-ups in the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong, and the unique challenges and opportunities in the high-tech industries in Hong Kong.


Presentation materials are available here.



EE Student Induction 2020 – An Exciting Journey with EE!

EE Student Induction (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) was held on 26 to 28 August 2020 and 11 September 2020 to extend our big welcome to the new members and allow the students to have a better idea of this new family; the available resources and learning support in EE; professional development of EE graduates; and programme information and details. Some 350 students and faculty enjoyed the interactive “get-together” before the start of school. Big welcome again and may we wish you all an exciting and fulfilling journey with EE!


Participating faculty:
Welcoming & Introduction to EE: Prof Stella Pang, Dr Albert Sung,  Dr Nelson Chan, Prof Henry Chung, Dr Rosa Chan
CDE: Dr Yanni Sun, Dr K L Chan, Dr Derek Pao
ECE: Dr Andy Chan, Dr W S Chan, Dr Y T Chow
INFE: Prof H C So, Prof Andrew Leung, Dr Eric Wong
First-year: Dr Sammy Chan
PhD and MSc Programmes: Dr Bernard Chiu, Dr Steve Wong, Dr Young Jin Chun, Dr Yixuan Yuan, Dr Kelvin Yuen



EEHS 1st Mathematics Competition (Math Wiz)

This two-round competition involved three main topics which were Probability, Calculus (MA120X) and Linear Algebra (MA2001), and around 40 EE students participated in it.

In this competition, participants not only fully applied the knowledge they had learned in class, but also actively engaged themselves in it and had lots of fun. It is believed that the next competition would be even more exciting and challenging.

Congratulations to the final 10 winners of Math Wiz of the following EE students:

*** List of all winners ***

Ranking Name Ranking Name Ranking Name
1 HE, Houbo 5 ZHOU, Yujun 9 YANG, Tianxia
2 XU, Tianxiao 6 LI, Peixing 10 PATRA, Yuvraj
3 CHEN, Ruogu 7 GUPTA, Aarnav    
4 CHENG, Feng 8 LI, Kam Hon    

They received cash coupons as prizes ranging from $250 to $1,150.



Some of the happy winners of EEHS 1st Mathematics Competition (Math Wiz)


EE Soft Skills Seminar – “The Road from Engineering Students to Serial Entrepreneur"

The topic is “The Road from Engineering Students to Serial Entrepreneur”.

Soft skill is one of the crucial attributes for success in career. In the seminar, Dr Lam shared with students the different skills that add value to a university student, the considerations for the choice of further studies or starting a company, how to transfer a research project idea into a final product, and his own journey from engineering start-up to a successful entrepreneur.


Presentation materials are available here .


EE Faculty Sharing on Online Teaching

In order to maximize student learning through this new mode of class delivery, EE organized two ZOOM sharing sessions held on 5 February and 27 March where faculty actively shared their best practices on online teaching for lectures, labs, projects, presentations, and tests. To prepare faculty for the upcoming examinations held in May, apart from all best practices shared at the briefing, it also served as a good opportunity to collect different suggestions from faculty in formulating the departmental guidelines on online tests/examinations.

Our faculty’s resilience in the face of adversity is indeed admirable. We all adapt differently and we will all adapt together.