Staff Achievements 2021

Prof Arindam Basu
Prof Arindam Basu being Selected as Honoree in the 40 Under 40 Program by Georgia Tech

Prof Arindam Basu has been selected as honoree in the 40 Under 40 Program by Georgia Tech Alumni Association. The program, which has been launched since 2020, aims to recognize the achievements of Georgia Institute of Technology alumni who innovated industries and positively impacted communities across the globe while under the age of 40. Forty distinguished honorees are selected each year and Prof Basu is one of the forty honorees in 2021.

Prof Henry Chung Winning 2021 IEEE PELS R. David Middlebrook Achievement Award

Prof Henry Chung, Chair Professor of EE, has been selected to receive the 2021 IEEE PELS R. David Middlebrook Achievement Award. The citation for this award is “For Energy Utilization Technologies for Smart Cities”.

The IEEE PELS R. David Middlebrook Achievement Award was established in 2011 to honor an individual who has accomplished outstanding contribution in the technical field of power electronics, within one or more subfields such as modeling & control, design-oriented analysis, development, simulation and application of electronic devices, passive components, analog sensing, and power circuits for inverters, converters and motor drives in all power levels.  This is a major international award that is highly competitive and a great honor to be recognized.

EE Outstanding Teacher Awards 2020/21
EE Outstanding Teacher Awards 2020/21

EE Outstanding Teacher Awards aim at recognizing excellence in teaching as well as promoting effective teaching and learning in the Department of Electrical Engineering. All students taking EE courses in the academic year 2020/21 were invited to vote for the best teachers in their eyes. The awardees of 2020/21 are:

  • Prof CHEN Guanrong, Ron
  • Dr CHUN Young Jin
  • Dr PO Lai Man
  • Dr SUN Yanni
  • Mr TING Chi Wang, Van
  • Dr WANG Cheng

Dr Cheng Wang
CENG Outstanding Teaching Award 2020-21

Dr Cheng Wang has received the Outstanding Teaching Awards (OTA) 2020-21 by College of Engineering (CENG) in recognition of his innovative and effective approaches in teaching. The College launched its first CENG Outstanding Teaching Award (OTA) in 2019/20 and there are three EE recipients in total. More details of the awards can be found here.

Dr Ray Cheung
Dr Ray Cheung being awarded HK$1.44 Million Gifted Education Fund

EE Department is committed to provide quality learning opportunities not only for our engineering students, but also secondary school students who are passionate in STEM. Programmes or workshops in various topics such as AI, face recognition, coding, microcontroller system, etc., were offered to secondary school students in recent years. Taking the opportunity offered by the Gifted Education (GE) Fund, Education Bureau, the Department, with the lead of Dr Ray Cheung (Associate Professor), proposed a 1-year programme to provide gifted students off-school advance learning in the topic “AIoT Coding and Engineering Skills Education”. The programme, which aims to equip gifted students with knowledge and hands-on coding ability in AI and IoT, has been selected to receive the GE fund in an amount of HK$1.44 million for implementation in Feb 2021 to Jan 2022, targeting S4 – S5 students. Participating students will also have a chance to interact with the industry. Xilinx will offer Professional Xilinx Engineer Mentorship support as well as HK$10,000 scholarship to the project.