Faculty Members Research Interests
Prof. CHAN Nelson S C Optical Chaos, Microwave Photonics, Semiconductor Laser Dynamics
Prof. CHIANG K S Fibre and Integrated Optics, Nonlinear Guided-wave Optics, Optical Devices and Sensors
Prof. PANG Stella W Biomedical Sensors and Microsystems, Nanofabrication Technology, Nanoimprint
Prof. PUN Edwin Y B Integrated Optics, Photonics Technology, Micro- and Nano- fabrication, Plasmonics, Nano Photonics, Metasurfaces and Metamaterials
Dr. CHAN Andy H P Integrated and Fiber Optics, Photonic Technology and Packaging, Terahertz Device
Dr. TSANG Peter W M Digital Holography, Three Dimensional Video Systems, Image Compression 
Dr. WANG Cheng Nanofabrication Technology, Photonic Circuits, Optical communications, Nonlinear Optics
Dr. WONG Alex M H Metamaterials and Metasurfaces, Super-resolution, Superoscillations, Antennas, Applied Electromagnetics