Alumni Updates - PhD Graduates

Dr LEUNG Ho Chun
Dr LEUNG Ho Chun (2015 BEngINFE, 2020 PhD)

PhD graduate
City University of Hong Kong

Dr AHLGREN John Bengt Stureson
Dr AHLGREN John Bengt Stureson (2015 PhD)

Staff Software Engineer and Machine Learning Specialist
Facebook, London, United Kingdom

Dr GE Le
Dr GE Lei (2015, PhD)

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CEO, WavetoneTech China and Associate Professor, Shenzhen University

Dr Andreas Christian Joseph
Dr JOSEPH Andreas Christian (2014 PhD)

Senior Research Economist
Bank of England

Dr CHEN Ruofei
Dr CHEN Ruofei (2007 BEngCE, 2010 MPhil, 2013 PhD)

Director of Audio Technology, Partner
Agora, Inc. (NASDAQ: API)

Prof WANG Hua
Prof WANG Huai (2012, PhD)

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Aalborg University

Dr LAU Pui Yi Anna
Dr LAU Pui Yi Anna (2005 BEngECE, 2007 MPhil, 2010 PhD)

Chief Executive Officer Laxcen Technology Limited (Singapore)

Dr LAU Kwok Wai Roy
Dr LAU Kwok Wai Roy (2004 BEngECE, 2009 PhD)

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Manager, Applications Engineering
Qorvo, Inc.

Prof ZHANG Xiuyin
Prof ZHANG Xiuyin (2009, PhD)

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Professor and Vice Dean
School of Electric and Information Engineering
South China University of Technology