Networking and Internet of Things

Prof Lin Dai

Dr Young Jin Chun

Dr Albert C W Sung

Dr Eric W M Wong

Dr Eric W M Wong

Faculty Members Research Interests
Prof. CHEN Jie Systems and Control, Networked Control and Information Theory, Multi-Agent Systems, Time-Delay Systems, Linear Multivariable Systems, System Identification, Robust Control
Prof. DAI Lin Mobile communications, Communication theory, Communication Networks
Prof. ZUKERMAN Moshe Telecommunications Networking, Queueing Theory, Network Resilience, Performance Evaluation, Cable Path Planning 
Dr. CHAN Sammy C H High-Speed Networks, Wireless Networks, Network Performance Evaluation
Dr. CHUN Young Jin Wireless Communications, Stochastic Geometry, Channel Characterization and Modeling
Dr. SUNG Albert C W Wireless Communications, Distributed Storage and Code Computing, Network and Resource Optimization
Dr. WONG Eric W M Analysis and Design of Telecommunications Networks, Healthcare Systems, Green Cellular Networks, Optical Switching