AI Summer Course for High School Students

A group of 30 high school students from 15 local secondary schools had a great time at our Department by joining the 2-week AI Summer Course in August 2018. After the eight intensive workshops, participating students are expected to serve as ambassadors to help deliver AI workshops and promote AI/ ICT education at their home schools. In just 2-week time, many of them found that they are more interested in learning AI, love to learn more about AI in the future, and will try to apply what they have learned. We do hope that they will carry on their passion on AI, grow strong and flourish in the related field one day.

Opening & Closing Ceremony

One of the students from DGS spent extra hours to build a deep learning model for self-driving car in a unity simulator. She demonstrated her works to other students and guests at the ceremony.

Participating high school students and EE students shared their learning experiences at Closing Ceremony.

Workshops Time

Visit to State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Wave and different EE Laboratories