Career Preparation Seminars and Workshops for EE Students

Five seminars and workshops titled “Sharpen Your Interview Skills and Get Hired” and “Sharpen Your Interview Skills through Group Coaching” were co-organized by Department of Electronic Engineering (EE) and Career and Leadership Centre (CLC) in April 2019 to maximize EE students’ success rate in job hunting and getting a place in internship. The events attracted over 40 undergraduate students.

Seminar I & II on 11 and 12 Apr 2019

Ms Senna Cheung, Career Advisor from CLC, with over 20 years of HR experience in public and private sectors, was invited to share the common interview questions with our students, especially some interview tips on using “STAR framework” for answering behavioral interview questions.

Workshop I, II & III on 23 Apr 2019

In the workshops, students learned and acquired interview skills through mock exercise with Senna. Apart from having opportunities to be interviewees, they also acted as observers to listen to and give feedback to peers, fostering an environment for real case studies. The Department wishes the participating students good luck in the forthcoming interviews! Hopefully the rounds of practices and key tips from HR professionals may help them build confidence and facilitate the association of their experiences in the real situations.