Student Exchange


Student Exchange Coordinator Tel Email
Dr Rosa H M Chan 3442 7781

Advice on courses to take and credit transfer

Assistant Programme Leader Tel Email
BENG-CE/CDE students: Dr L M Po 3442 7779
BENG-ECE students: Dr Chaoliang Tan 3442 9405
BENG-INFE students: Dr Eric W M Wong 3442 7706

General Support

Student Exchange Programme Application Tel Email
Ms Lucia Mak 3442 7772


Major-related Matters
(course registration, study plan,
credit transfer)
Tel Email
BENG-ECE: Ms Helena Lee 3442 7773
BENG-INFE: Ms Stephanie Wan 3442 7105
BENG-CE/CDE: Ms Angela Fok 3442 7792
Last Updated :10 Sep 2021