Research Student Symposium 2023

Research Student Symposium was held on 1 June 2023. It is an annual event where all research students and research staff were invited to submit posters introducing their research works. A total of 42 submissions were received this year. Each participant was given 3-min for presentation and 2-min for Q&A. Selected EE faculty members in the related research areas were judges to assess the performance. Best Presentation Awards were set up to recognize outstanding presenters. Participants enjoyed the interactive platform to exchange with faculty members and to know more about what research works other students or research staff are doing. The day rounded off with invaluable discussion and encouragement.

Research Student Symposium 2023.jpg

The judging team was composed of EE faculty members with diverse research backgrounds and expertise. They are:

Research Area Judging Team
Applied Electromagnetics Prof K W Leung, Dr W S Chan, Dr Steve Wong
Optoelectronic, Electronics, Nanotechnology and Biosystems & Wireless Communications Prof Din-ping Tsai, Prof Nelson Chan, Dr Young Jin Chun
Computer Engineering & Control Systems – Group 1 Prof Michael Tse, Dr L M Po, Dr Leanne Chan
Computer Engineering & Control Systems – Group 2 Prof H C So, Dr Ray Cheung, Dr Yanni Sun

Here we are proud to present the winners:

Applied Electromagnetics

First Prize

Mr XUE Bo for the project “Toward Electromagnetic Near-Field Mutual Coupling Suppression with Active Janus Sources” supervised by Dr Alex Wong



Second Prize

Mr FU Kai for the project “A Learning and Swarm Guided Intelligence Algorithm for Optimizing Antennas with Mixed Continuous and Binary Variables” supervised by Prof K W Leung



Third Prize

Miss Miss XIAO Yuqi for the project “Mode Recognition of Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna Using Artificial Neural Network” supervised by Prof K W Leung



Optoelectronic, Electronics, Nanotechnology and Biosystems & Wireless Communications

First Prize

Miss LIU Xiaoyuan for the project “Intelligent Meta-lens for Aerial, Land, and Underwater Imaging” supervised by Prof Din-ping Tsai



Second Prize

Mr WANG Xinlong for the project “Energy-Efficient Random Access for Machine-to-Machine Communication” supervised by Prof Lin Dai



Third Prize

Mr CHEN Yikun for the project “Design and Resonator-assisted Characterization of High-performance Lithium Niobate Waveguide Crossings” supervised by Dr Wang Cheng



Computer Engineering & Control Systems

First Prize (Group 1)

Mr ELDALY Abdelrahman Bakr Mohammed Abdelnaby for the project “A Complex Network Perspective of Resting-State Functional Brain Connectivity” supervised by Dr Leanne Chan



First Prize (Group 2)

Mr ZHU Shiyong for the project “Susceptibility to False Data Injection Cyber Attacks: Geometric Characterizations and Control-Theoretic Metrics” supervised by Prof Jie Chen



Second Prize (Group 1)

Miss CHEN Wenting for the project “Dynamic Depth-Aware Network for Endoscopy Super-Resolution” supervised by Prof Tommy Chow



Second Prize (Group 2)

Mr SHE Yuhan for the project “Automated RISC-V Design Space Exploration Framework Using HLS” supervised by Prof Hong Yan