EE Softskills Series (IV) Hard Skills VS. Soft Skills

Mastery of soft skills has been considered one of the most important aspects for career development and job hunting success. To improve students’ soft skills, EE Department invited Mr. Jim Costello of HSBC to share with students what skills really mean to professionals in large international corporates in his talk titled, “Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills” held on 14 March 2018.

Jim Costello was a 22-year HSBC Executive with international experience in the United States, China, and Hong Kong.  He has held leadership roles at country, Asia Pacific Region, and Global levels throughout his career.  Jim began his career in the US Army and served internationally for 5 years before joining HSBC in the US.  

His wealth of experience gave students insight into what large international corporates are looking for in their graduate hires – he shared keys to success in creating and growing personal brand, which communicate people’s personality, skills, knowledge and value.

His sharing attracted a good number of enthusiastic student and staff audiences of different backgrounds.