Mr. Lau Ming Wai, Guest Speaker of a Featured Panel Discussion on Hong Kong Youth’s Local and Global Challenges

Mr Lau was invited to be a guest speaker of a panel discussion, titled “Hong Kong Youths’ Local and Global Challenges: From Frustration to Inspiration & Innovation”, which was moderated by Prof Stella W Pang, Head of EE Department, on 4 October 2016.

Mr Lau Ming Wai, Guest Speaker 2016 Mr Lau Ming Wai, Guest Speaker 2016
  • In recent years his indulgence in serving in public domains facilitates him to be an observant to take a close look at how upcoming opportunities and challenges are shaping the future of the new generation of youth in Hong Kong. In the event Mr Lau, as the Chairperson of Youth on Commission and a council member of CityU, shared his views and exchanged ideas with about 200 students and others in the audience.
  • Prof Pang kicked off the event with a casual talk with the guest speaker, whom was then surprised to learn about his nick name “Mr. AC3” picked by CityU students. The panel discussion was divided into two parts: first, “Situations at Present”, and second “Challenges in the Future”. Students were guided to think strategically about their current positioning from a holistic point of view, and then took a big leap forward to preview how they could seek opportunities from now on all the way to the future so as to create a bountiful personal and career life.
  • Reality is somehow cruel. Mr. Lau thinks that real opportunities amid a competitive environment with limited resources are for people who are well-prepared and take initiatives to explore and create room of development for themselves. Thus, a sense of knowing what the market needs is of paramount important for all, including talented tech-guys, who wish to run their own business.
  • “Passion is what I look for,” Mr Lau explained the key element that distinguishes those who got the offers from the others who were empty-handed. Actually he interviews about 100 job candidates on an annual basis. To cope with challenges and un-expectancies, he is a firm believer in continuous learning. Thus, an ability of making self-improvement autonomously is the number one trait that his prospective employees and teammates must possess.
Mr Lau Ming Wai, Guest Speaker 2016 Mr Lau Ming Wai, Guest Speaker 2016
Mr Lau Ming Wai, Guest Speaker 2016 Mr Lau Ming Wai, Guest Speaker 2016

Towards the end of the panel discussion, audiences grasped every opportunity to raise questions and express their views. It was a brief yet inspiring evening.