CityU EE International Summer Camp Farewell and Closing Ceremony 2018

Having travelled hundred or even thousand miles from home to arrive in Hong Kong, 60 overseas students spent 5 weeks on CityU campus to mingle with CityU EE undergraduates and some local senior secondary school students. Not only did they feel the vibrancy of this international metropolis, but also they built and programed their remote controlled airships. The hardest thing was the moment to say goodbye at the farewell and closing ceremony on 8 August 2018.

Mingpao Daily, A12, 10 August 2018 工程教授指DSE生數理基礎遜舊制 礙銜接大學 城大改夏令營彌補

Though their fellow students, whose mother tongues are not quite the same – possibly French, Korean, Cantonese, Taiwanese, or Czech, mutual understanding and friendship grew after seeing each other almost every day for an entire month. Participants of CityU EE International Summer Camp 2018 were undergraduates sent off from 4 partner universities, and so each student group was diversified in terms of nationality. Students came together to design, build and programme their mini airship with blue-tooth control in groups, conducted oral presentations, introduced to each other the language that they know, attended lectures and guest talks, and not to mention toured around Hong Kong during weekends.

This summer 70 local high-school students showing strong interests in electronic engineering were nominated by their school teachers to participate in a two-week taster programme, which was in parallel with the CityU EE International Summer camp. In addition to attending company visits and guest talks, they taught Cantonese to the 60 overseas students during the language exchange sessions. The most exciting part was to compete with other groups’ mini airship in the final competition. With coaching provided by CityU EE students, having a taste of how engineering undergraduates learn and how campus life is like in university could possibly be a life-changing experience for those who are about to enter university and select their major studies.

CityU EE International Summer Camp Farewell and Closing Ceremony