Kicked off EE Soft Skills Series 2017/18

Professor Stephen P. Boyd
Prof Stella Pang and Prof Tommy Chow kicked off the EE Soft Skills Series 2017/18 with a one-hour workshop about basic email writing techniques in EE Innovation Centre on 25 October 2017. “Nowadays soft skills is considered much more important than ever, which is a feedback we receive constantly from the industry,” Prof Pang explained to EE students the purpose of launching this series. 

Prof Chow cited simple yet interesting local and overseas examples, including US President Donald Trump’s tweets, to illustrate how email etiquette means to engineers, students, and probably everyone. With the increasing popularity of FaceBook, WhatsApps and Instagram, formality of email, which was an informal way of communication in the old days, requires more attention from us.


The next event in the series will soon be announced. Stay tuned!