A Technical Visit to Qianhai New District: Tencent, Huawai, CityU Shenzhen Research Institute, Southern University of Science and Technology

Let’s see what some of the student participants said about the trip.


I saw and learnt a lot from this visit. We visited two biggest companies in China, Tencent and Huawei. We visited universities, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), CityU Shenzhen Institution, CUHK (Shenzhen). We visited Qianhai New District which connects Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It was such a great opportunity for students to know the development of Shenzhen in technology, education and business. (XU Zhe)

2. 我以前從未去過內地大學的實驗室和研究所,這也是一次非常新奇的體驗,同時深化了我日後想要做科研的決心。(Luo Sichun)

I have learned a great deal in this eye-opening departmental Shenzhen trip. The Qianhai Exhibition Hall introduced us to Qianhai and its teeming opportunities, with its many incubator schemes and investors hungry for worthy investments (Patrick KON TSER JERN)

4. In QianHai, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, explained to us their strategy of promoting start-ups. They provide great financial support to Hong Kong people, which I would not know if I had not visited there. (Li Sing)



Being able to visit so many high-tech companies, famous universities along with research institutes, and know so much about the entire development planning in Qianhai, I am extremely excited and feel awesome about this SZ trip. (Bobby Chu)