Workshops on Communication and Presentation Tricks by Experienced Practitioners

Nurturing postgraduate students to be well-rounded engineers and academics is always our top agenda of providing professional education. Two workshops aiming to uplift the communication, presentation and networking skills of students were held on 21 June 2017. The sharing of real life examples coupled with practical role-play exercises were well received by students. Topics are:

“Active Constructive Responding (ACR) Skills” by Dr Rhoda Yuen, Senior Counselling Psychologist
- An effective way to respond for a POSITIVE OUTCOME in a communication which helps lift one’s confidence, induce positive interactions in the workplace and propel successful launch of career.

Featured Panel Discussion

“International Social Manner” by Ms Mary Cheung, Managing Director and Founder of Mary Cheung & Associates (International) Limited

- Tactics of leaving a first good impression and professional image at a networking function or conference
- International business and social etiquette at networking function or meetings