Outstanding Teacher Awards 2021

Teaching Awards are set up at College and Departmental level to recognize excellence in teaching and exceptional contribution to enhancing the teaching and learning experience of students.

Outstanding Teaching Awards of College of Engineering has been established since 2019/20 to recognize outstanding teaching which demonstrates innovative, effective and well-implemented instructional pedagogies and approaches, and the embodiment of the Discovery-Enriched Curriculum. EE recipient in 2020/21 is:

  • Dr Cheng Wang (Assistant Professor)

To promote effective teaching and learning in the Department, EE also set up its Outstanding Teacher Awards. All students taking EE courses in the academic year 2020/21 were invited to vote for the best teachers in their eyes. The awardees of 2020/21 are:

  • Prof CHEN Guanrong, Ron (Chair Professor)
  • Dr CHUN Young Jin (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr PO Lai Man (Associate Professor)
  • Dr SUN Yanni (Associate Professor)
  • Mr TING Chi Wang, Van (Instructor)
  • Dr WANG Cheng (Assistant Professor)