EE Projects Addressing Real-life Problems were showcased at Discovery and Innovation Gala 2017

The College of Science and Engineering Discovery and Innovation Gala 2017 was successfully held on 21 and 22 June 2017, where a total of 20 EE projects addressing real-life problems were showcased to the CityU community and the public. The innovative projects were the collective work of EE faculty members, research staff, postgraduate students and undergraduate students.

Featured Project  
  Project Project Representative Project Supervisor
  A Smart Drunk Driving Detection Scheme Wu Chung Kit, PhD student Dr K F Tsang
  Robocon Hong Kong 2017 – The Landing Disc City Dreamwork & Dream Development Team Dr Ricky Lau and professors from MBE and SEEM

The Featured Project “A Smart Drunk Driving Detection Scheme” developed by Dr K F Tsang (Associate Professor) and his PhD student, Mr WU Chun Kit, has attracted the media coverage and the news reports can be found at Ming PaoOriental DailySing PaoWen Wei Po and AM730.

Featured Panel Discussion

Research Projects  
  Project Project Representative Project Supervisor
  Biosensing and Imaging for Cell Migration Control and Neural Recording/Stimulation

Jianan Hui, PhD student
Peter Xu, PhD student
Steven Zhu, PhD student
Madi Rezaei, PhD student

Prof Stella Pang
  Millimeter Wave MIMO Channel Sounding Dr Keeson Shum Dr Taejoon Kim
  Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Devices Dr Keeson Shum Prof C H Chan
  Millimeter Wave and Sub-Terahertz Integrated Circuit and System Design Dr Keeson Shum Prof Quan Xue
  Millimetre-Wave Technology for Next Wireless Communications Dr Keeson Shum Dr Steve Wong
  A Dense Dielectric Patch Antenna Dr Keeson Shum Prof K M Luk
  Auto-Fall-DetectorTM Dr Chim Hung Prof Hong Yan, Dr Leanne Chan
  Chaotic Semiconductor Lasers in Random Bit Generation Song-Sui Li, PhD student
Xiao-Zhou Li, PhD student
Dr Nelson Chan
  Cost Effective and Survivable
Topology of Telecommunication Cabling
Qing Wang, PhD student Prof Moshe Zukerman

The research project “Millimetre-Wave Technology for Next Wireless Communications” presented by Dr Steve Wong (Assistant Professor) has been selected by the industry for the Discovery and Innovation Gala Award.


Final Year Projects  
  Project Project Representative Project Supervisor
  Improving Eyesight in Young Children Through Habit Building Using Computer Chan Ting Yau Dr Kelvin Yuen
  Performance Evaluation of Optical Burst Switching (OBS) Network He Mengran Prof Moshe Zukerman
  Study of Luminescence Properties in Rare Earth Doped Glasses Ku Chia Chen Prof Edwin Pun
  Implementation of Self-balancing Scooter Lo Ka Lok Dr Ricky Lau
  A Terahertz (THz) Near-field Scanning System Wong Chun Kit Prof C H Chan
  iOS Application to recognize CityU timetable content Wong Yiu Ting, Samson Dr Ray Cheung
  Kinematics of Guitarists Yue Baochuan Dr Rosa Chan
  Node Selection Algorithm for Fault-tolerant Extreme Learning Machines Yung Ka Yi Prof Andrew Leung
  CNN Based Indoor Space Recognition System to Aid Visually Impaired People Zhang Yu Dr Leanne Chan

A “Best Poster Presentation Award” was set up by the college awarding the most outstanding student project in each academic unit and the winner in EE is our final year ECE student, Mr Lo Ka Lok. His winning project, supervised by Dr Ricky Lau, is called “Implementation of Self-balancing Scooter”.