Student Exchange

Credit Transfer

In order to claim credit transfer for courses taken on exchange, outbound students must normally obtain a minimum of grade C in the courses conducted in English and have at least 70% overlapped material in course syllabus with the technical course required in the major programme curriculum. For courses corresponding to Gateway Education, credit transfer application will be considered by the respective course leader of GE course identified, otherwise, Talent Education Development Office (TED) will be coordinating the pre-approval application. Students are advised to consult Assistant Programme Leader on the possibility of credit transfer and complete the Conditional Credit Transfer for Outbound Exchange Student form / Conditional Credit Transfer for CS Course form before enrolling in the courses offered by the partner institutions. Credit transfer application should be made immediately in the semester following the exchange programme. Students are required to send in full set of documents to their respective major programme assistants of the Department instead of ARRO for direct handling. No application fee is required.


                                                                                                                                                                                   Last updated : 14 July  2022